May 13, 2018

Eishet Chayil, A Woman of Valor


Happy Mother's Day,
I have loved this song all my life.
I dedicate this song, Eishet Chayil, to my mother and to my beloved grandmothers of blessed memory and all women.
To each and every wife and mother I wish you a Happy Mother's Day, whether mother to human kids or fur babies. :)
I found a version with translation so you can understand it.

Sending wishes for love and happiness


  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely song...straight out of Proverbs 31 !
    The world would be a far different place if the words just sung were in daily ,loving practice everywhere !
    Happy Mothers' Day , and every day to you , who are a blessing to us all !
    Be well , my friend...

    1. Well, women need to step up their game. The Eishet chayil is into real estate and development. She manufactures clothing. She sells, she buys, she is a power house.
      The husband in here in Mishlei is also a power house who is a big wig in the community and supplies his wife with every labor saving device ( machines!). He is a top provider.

  2. Oh yes, this is the Proverbs 31 woman!! We read about her this morning in church...a role model for all women everywhere. Thank you for sharing this with us. Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Love this beautiful post and tribute to your mom and grandmothers and to all mothers even fur babies. Thank you dear Annie for all the wonderful things I've learned from you.
    hope your mother's day was a true blessing to you my friend.

  4. Oh, I forgot to say how much I loved the video. I was clapping along with it. ;)

  5. What a cool video... thank you for sharing. I just love the variety of different cultures through music!

  6. Hi Annie! I am back! Here I was thinking blogger was giving me such problems, so I switched to wordpress, which i didn't like, then stopped blogging altogether. Only to find out yesterday that it doesn't work on ipad any more, but does on my laptop!!

    Love this post, and Happy belated Mother's Day to you! I hope you will come to visit again. Bear with me as I get up to speed again. Since at my age, I forgot more than I remember!!

  7. Hi Annie, change of info for me...change to my old addy.... So glad to be back with blogger!

  8. Thank you for this. Let us remember our little ones. And our moms and grandmothers.


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