May 23, 2018

Haiku No 25

Rainy, windy, cool weather has been the norm this week and I can't say I am sorry for that.
The garden is loving it and I am enjoying the cool temperatures. I really should live in cooler place year round.
My homemade pond filter is up and running though not finished at all. I have to replace the large tub which holds my filter materials and set it in the ground and disguise it, but the water is clearing up from the green that it was and will soon be clear.
The fish are enjoying eating the algae in the meantime.
The big wisteria is hanging over the pond shading it and keeping the osprey , hawks and owls at bay for now. Perhaps I will post photos of the pond on Friday.

Haiku is filled with poems that allude to cherry blossom petals that fall onto hard and difficult situations or that represent the fragility of time and life.
Here are a few of them..... 


Onto the ashes where my cottage burned, 
the cherry blossoms scatter, unconcerned.

Photo by Frank Winkler


      How fragile, how ephemeral in flight...this life
for instance, Butterfly, alight!

           And So                                                         

    And so the Spring buds burst, 
and so I gaze,
and so the blossoms fall, 
and so my days......


  1. My mind has managed to come up with a beautiful picture of the wisteria hanging over the pond. Sure wish I had some of your cool weather, we have been in the mid to high 90's for several days now.

  2. Sounds so lovely...loved the Haiku today...and that frog with the butterfly! Wow!!! But I also love the other photo of the cherry blossoms and of you? standing on the shore? Always love to come visit here with you. A breath of fresh air!!

  3. How did you get this to write in cursive? We can't even get children to learn to write or read cursive sad...I love that your comments are written in cursive...what a surprise today!

    1. I added a new variable for comment font and color to the css in the blog.
      It isn't difficult to do.
      I am still working on the blog.

  4. Beautiful! Love the Haiku and the photos along with quotes. I think my favorite is Onitsura. Have a blessed day ahead dear Annie.

  5. Beautiful! I love the haiku and what you said about the fragility!! I live in Japan and have a great love for cherry blossoms too!! Nice to meet you through Aritha`s blog. Blessings!

    1. Hi Shayndel. Nice to meet you and welcome. :)

  6. Beautiful, my friend. As for the weather, its been muggy here. Suppose to get 85* today and remain like that until next week. I suppose summer is upon us. smiles

  7. Your blog is so inspiring! Love this cursive font! Beautiful pictures,, and the kaiku as well! I do love cherry blossoms as well! Today is a gorgeous day, if only it would stay this way! Blessings to you this day Annie!

  8. The Haiku is lovely and comforting...reminding us that there is beauty in our trials . That frog/butterfly pairing is delightful !
    Have a good day , my friend


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