May 25, 2018

Sky and Sea

Another Friday has come and that means photos.
The days have been chilly, rainy and windy off and on with a few nasty warm days thrown in for good measure and the gardens are so green and over grown because of the rain.
Weathermen are saying it might be an active tropical storm/hurricane season. Well, I hope they are very wrong.

I am joining Friday Foto Friends and SkyWatch Friday   with a little group of photos that I hope you enjoy seeing.

By Popular Request... the Famous Anonymous Prom Gown.
She is the 2nd from the left in the beaded garnet colored gown. The others are all her very best friends since Freshman year.
I didn't get permission to show faces so I won't.

I never get tired of the bay or the salt marsh. Not ever.

The next 4 photos were taken by my daughter on a date at a waterfront restaurant.

The bridge opens to let boats through.

The Prom was last week and the weather was wild and rainy. The wind was freezing cold by the bay where kids and parents went to take pre-Prom photos.
We were like frozen popsicles!
I took photos of the wild water though I don't think the photos show how wild it really was.,
The bridge in the photo below is Barnegat Bridge made famous in the Frankie Valli  and the Four Seasons song  "My Eyes Adored You".  You can click on the song title to hear it.

At night it is like a string of pearls across the bay. It leads to the barrier island.

 The photo below is the famous anonymous kid and her group of friends. They are a tight knit group of good friends all about to graduate. The girls looked lovely and the boys looked handsome and classy.  Poor kids were wind blown!

I liked the soft hint of pink in the clouds above the bay in the photo below.

 There are always beautiful lavender and golden sundowns on the lagoon by me.

 A threatening sky as day turns to evening .
You can see the line of the barrier island across the bay.

Until next time, remember:

Absolutely true!


  1. Gorgeous photos! You can't tell the weather was so wild. I took a look at your other site. I see "plain" font not cursive font.

  2. I absolutely love every single one of the fotos you share of where you live.... just amazing.... especially that one of the pink clouds! I always enjoy seeing prom pics... maybe because I didn't get to go! 😔 (The font I'm seeing in the comments is cursive, but 'Rock and Roll Cafe' isn't.) Thanks for being faithful to link up each Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Morning Annie, sad to say I don't see a cursive font either. Here in comments it's cursive though. Anyway, I never ever tire of looking at your beautiful bay and marsh photos. Looking at them always makes me feeling peaceful and calm. Have a day of blessings dear friend.

  4. The font is "plain" for your cafe , not cursive for me , too .
    Wonderful photos by one and dining by the nice to share it with a like-minded person ! The kids are beautifully dressed and seem happy , despite the gale .
    Be well , my friend and have a splendid day !

  5. The Rock and Roll cafe is not cursive, but the Sky and Sea is, as well as the comments. I love your beautiful photos of the bay and the marsh...and the group standing together...would love to see the "DRESS"...Your post is lovely as always, and I always enjoy visiting here with you. Thank you.

    1. I updated the post to include the gown!

  6. It shows up cursive for me (as it does here for the comments too)---sigh, if I could afford to live in 'Jersey, by the bay, I would. Beautiful Annie. smiles

    1. I think the cursive shows up because I added it to my Photoshop, so it might also be a font on your computer too.
      Would love to have you living here!
      There are still some affordable places. On the up side salaries are higher here than in other parts of the country.

    2. Prom dresses sure have changed since my time, lol. I love the kids dress. smiles. My first one/dress was white and lacey almost like a ball gown and my second one was pink and ballgownish, LOL.

    3. Yup, they've changed a lot! Mine was turquoise blue with lace over top and a satin turquoise insert in the back.
      My dress for a military ball was pale yellow. I think the pastels are out of style now which is too bad.

  7. Water is an endless source of inspiration for a photographer and your pictures are absolutely splendid! Sorry but I don't see the cursive font either except for the comments. Wishing you a nice weekend! Sandrine

  8. The dress is exquisite!!! Very sophisticated and stylish! So different from when we were girls going to the prom in pastels. But just lovely!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  9. Beautiful photos. The 2nd to last is my favorite!! Have a great weekend.

  10. A fabulous collection today - love all the seascapes and sunsets

  11. Hi Annie! What beautiful pictures! I think it is gorgeous where you live and I love the prom pictures too! Stunning dresses. They all look great. Isn't prom fun?
    It looks like you are having a hot day today. The weather here in Missouri is so hot. We have had a lot of rain too.
    Have a beautiful weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

  12. The anonymous prom dress made me laugh, and your sky photos made me gasp! Thanks for sharing.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. Wow, you've had some really beautiful skies lately! Beautiful photos. Love the prom shots too. Such an exciting time of life!

  14. I love sky photo's and sitting on our porch looking at it also like a kid trying to make animals out of each cloud.

  15. Hi Annie! What spectacular pictures! There just is something wonderful about the setting sun on water! We look ve sitting out watching the sunset, especially at our son's in Florida! I would love to be living by the ocean!

  16. Lovely shots, especially the prom shots - looks like two-piece dresses are all the rage now … Hope many more sunsets are coming your way!


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