May 11, 2018

The Bay by Night and By Day

It's been cool here and very nice. Rain is due on Saturday and we can use it I am sure.
 The week was busy for me with cleaning and organizing which takes me months to accomplish but I get it done. Then, once it is done, I begin again!
Kind of like the Golden Gate Bridge. They start painting at one end and at the end of a year they begin painting again. Never ending cycle.

I have also been finding ways to work in my garden and on my ponds, which need a lot of work. Slowly I am getting it done. I was able to plant my porch window boxes myself and got help with flowers around the little pond.
I also bought a new 5000 gallon per hour pump for the big pond and a little 600 gph for the little pond. Both of the others failed after years of use.
What I can't possibly do will have to wait until I can corral people into helping me.
I will point and they will do. Well, hopefully anyway.

Today is also Debbie's Friday Foto Friends and here are my photos for this week.
I am also joining in with Sky Watch Friday.

I  love evening by the shore especially as the weather warms up and soft breezes blow off the water. They are usually slightly warm but with a chill.. hard to explain but, its how it is.
It is completely romantic.
The sand grows cool under your bare feet in the moonlight and the only sound is the pounding of the surf or the gentle lapping of waves.
Did you know that temperatures in full moonlight are cooler than the surrounding area? Moonlight is actually a cold light.

The first photo is moonlight on the bay.
The photo was taken by me in the evening but I drew in the moon and the light on the water to make the photo more interesting and dramatic. 
The lights across the bay are from places on the barrier island which is directly across from me. 
On the other side of the barrier island is the Atlantic Ocean in all her glory.

The bay with a little help from me.

 The little pond reflects light from different sources. There are lights around the pond but this particular light is from the moon.

The Moonlight also reflects off the waterfall on the big pond sending sparkles across the falls and down across the water.

The woods are mysterious at night. 
I took this photo below from a moving car on the way to do some grocery shopping late one night.

Sometimes the mundane can become artsy when you move while taking a photo!
 Here is AC Moore arts and crafts . I took this after buying some acrylic paints and new brushes.

Nature has her own art. 
Here is the lagoon at night with a fiery sunset.
No, it is not Photoshop and nothing is drawn in. This is how  it was. When I use paint or Photoshop I always say that I did.

 By Day.....

Looking across the lagoon through a bouquet of Phragmites. 
Yes, it's salt water and full of fish.

Another salt pond next to the one above. 
The clouds are reflected in the water.

This photo below is a flashback to winter.
The water fall  frozen on the big pond  in my yard. You can just make out the fish under the ice on the left .

I am surrounded by water. Creeks , streams, lagoons, salt ponds and the open bay encircle me.
This is the path behind my house.  A few feet down it is a network of sandy bottomed clear creeks that run out to the bay.
The paths are white sand mixed with pine needles and cedar chippings.
Deer, bob cats, fox, rabbits , owls etc. reside here and just a bit farther south of me, black bears.
I often hear the barn owls hooting in the evening or a fox screaming in the night.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will join in for Friday Foto Friends at Debbie's, or for Sky Watch Friday .

Until tomorrow!


  1. Hi Annie, You made me tired just listing all you do. LOL! I'm absolutely in love with all your wonderful night photos especially the one you added the moon to it. You are such a talented artist. Love your header too. Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  2. Annie you sound like you have been very very busy in a good way. I'm glad you are making progress. I know when one has health challenges that it feels really good to get some things done. You will love the work you've done on the outside as summer progresses and you are able to enjoy it all (says she who hasn't planted a thing, he he. I hope to get to it really soon).

    I love all the photos but especially the one where you drew in the moon and the one with the fiery red sky right out of the camera.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend. xx

  3. You DREW in that MOON and the light on the bay????That is outstanding and astounding! Here I was trying to figure out how you got such a great photo of the moon...and then I am even more amazed to discover that you painted that in...You never cease to amaze me! Loved all your photos...that cool one of the arts store was really all the water surrounding you, but that path behind your house? Yes, you DO live in an area that looks a lot like where I I see it for myself! Yes, that looks much like our woodsy areas. And you hear much of what I hear (if I had the windows open and could hear them at night. We don't open our windows at night because of the bears...I don't want them to smell me in there sleeping and decide they want me for dinner! LOL) That photo of the red sky is amazing the colors...and only God can create such masterpieces as those!!! This was a great post today, Annie...they always are, but I enjoyed this so much. Glad you are getting some things done little by little. That's kind of like me, but I don't have your excuse...I'm just "lazy"...(not really...just not motivated enough...that sounds a little better...) Have a blessed and beautiful day, and Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Wonderful header...the light in the barn is so warm,cozy and welcoming.
    Your photos are,as always,so lovely...making special what most never notice!
    To you,and all your followers,I wish Happy Mothers'Day-not only this Sunday,
    but , as it really should be,EVERY DAY to appreciate all that mothers do !!!
    Be well,my friend !

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty....I'm moving in, lol. Have a lovely Friday, Annie. smiles

  6. How beautiful! I love all the water gorgeous!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  7. Great job blending in the moon over the bay. Really well done. And I like that artsy shot of the store!

  8. Anonymous11 May, 2018

    How courageous of you to have ponds - yes, they give much work, that's why we don't have one! But it gives something special to your yard. That red sunset is amazing!

  9. Your photos are always beautiful but the moon on the bay is exquisite.

  10. Your photos are amazing! That first moon pic. Beautiful. Very interesting pics. Screaming foxes? I didn't know that. Good question there at the end.

  11. I agree, your photos are wonderful. My favorite is the moon reflecting in your pond. It's like fire in water, very cool.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  12. Oh, I love seeing fotos of the area where you live! That moonlight pic is awesome! HOPE you had a wonderful Mother's Day...and can corral some fellows to do your work for you!

  13. Some great colours in those skies.


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