May 4, 2018

The Lusty Month of May..
Friday Foto Friends & Sky Watch Friday

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Hot weather has visited us the last 2 days with temperatures having climbed to 85F.
It will be hot again today.
Weekend weather will be cool once again.
Do you recall the song Lusty Month of May from Camelot?   It was sung by Julie Andrews and inspired the post title.

I am joining  the 129th Friday Foto Friends   hosted by Debbie.

The photo below is taken with my camera . It is a light up board so the photo is distorted and odd looking but this is the Famous not so Anonymous now Senior of the Month.
I have left out the last name and the name of the school.
Georgian Court University is the school that runs the college level classes in the school. She is taking several  university  courses  including math , chemistry and anatomy. She is amazing at anatomy and can name every single bone and major vein/artery in the body.

In August she begins pre-med at Rutgers University.
She was courted by quite a few universities including Vassar, Columbia, and others.
She finally settled on Columbia U and Rutgers and was accepted at both but decided that Rutgers was the better choice. I am thrilled as I also went to Rutgers.Also  Rutgers is very affordable if you are a resident of NJ.  If you are out of state, it isn't cheap my friends.

The township in which I live is huge in size at 55.999 sq miles.. It isn't huge in regard to population, though, as it includes beaches , salt marsh and forest.  It also includes  a barrier island and a state park.
This view  is of the barrier island and taken from our town site on Wikimedia.

Credit: By Famartin - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

This morning as the Little was leaving for school, I saw that the apple tree had blossomed. It is sparse as the tree needs some medicine.
Hopefully a fungicide will help.
Its little blossoms have a delicate, sweet scent.

 The lilacs are also beginning to bloom and their perfume fills the yard.

The mountain pinks are bursting out as well.The little pond area needs serious weeding and new plants here and there. A new filter pump has to go in as well. I think I will use a fountain this year.

This variety of mountain pinks are a lovely lilac-pink.

White mountain pinks spill out of a very large overturned planter and they are spreading out over the area.

  As you can see below,this area also needs weeding.
Now seeking volunteers! 
But no one ever volunteers for the jobs I can't do myself. They do, however, volunteer to do things I am able to do anyway.    Hmm... human nature. Can't blame them, its the hard jobs no one wants to do. Its one thing about being disabled that I really don't like.

A few of the miniature roses around the little pond are returning.

The Beach Rose is about 15 feet tall and about 20 feet wide.  In front of it is one of the many Wisterias that are growing in the yard.
The other beach rose grows up the side of the house on the chimney.
They will be white when they bloom.

   I take photos of the bay straight into the sunshine.
I love the sparkles even if there is glare.

  A tiny wave on the bay
The phragmites is tiny and newborn.

The salt marsh begins to green up.

 And in some places is already pretty green.
Diamonds sparkle on the salt water.

For Sky Watch Friday..the following photos:

I hope your weekend is lovely.


  1. You are blessed with amazing beauty!! Gorgeous. Congratulations to the anonymous Kathryn who belongs to a proud Mama!

    1. Thanks Nonnie. It is a blessing for sure.

  2. This was delightful! I love all the sweet little flowers that are blooming around your home and pond. And the Apple Blossoms and Lilacs! Oh!!!I wish I could smell them! We do have a little apple tree here in our yard, and it did bloom, but I doubt I'll get apples. It needs a "mate" to pollinate... Anyway, we can't grow lilacs here either, and I miss them so much. That was my mother's favorite flower, and she cried every spring after we moved to Florida from Pennsylvania (1956) because she couldn't see or smell lilacs. When I moved to Ohio as an adult, I sent her some lilacs via priority mail. She said they fell apart when she opened the box, but she could still smell them. That was the best gift I ever gave her. I wrote a blog about it once for Mother's Day. Probably time to post it again soon... Congratulations to your "Famous Anonymous" I know she will do well in her pursuit of education. You should be very proud indeed! I still think you need to create a calendar and sell it with your paintings...I do believe it would be a big hit! I love your artwork. Blessings dear friend. Thanks for the facebook friendship!!

    1. New Lilac that will grow in the south.
      I am not as thrilled with my art as others are sadly.

  3. Congrats to the kid, so very proud of her, smiles. I am so highly jealous (giggling)....hey, the last several days it has been near 90 and its humid, ick...went from old man winter to summer just like that, lol.

    Hope you have a lovely day friend. smiles

  4. Congratulations to Kathryn. She sounds like one very smart young lady! Love your skywatch shots this week. Have a great weekend!

  5. PS: Also love your header artwork. Is that new?

    1. Yes Sir.. well kind of.. a reworking of an older version.
      Thank you.

  6. Replies
    1. I am so happy they do that for you :)

  7. Gorgeous photos of the sea, sky and flowers!

  8. Great pictures today, I love diamonds on the water...I usually refer to them as stars on the water!!

    1. Thank you Mary. I love them too,.

  9. I really like the picture that shows the barrier island. - Margy

    1. I like it also. I wish I had taken it!

  10. Your photos are lovely. It's fun to visit other areas of the world through blogs. I like the mountain pinks. I wonder if they might grow in my area. Google here I come. Congrats to your Kathryn. :-)
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  11. Beautiful scenery and blossoms. I can't believe it was so cold not so long ago and already at 85 degrees. We had a lovely week or more of sunshine and warming temperatures. Today it clouded over and threatened to rain but now it looks like the sky is clearing.

    Your daughter is gifted in medicine it seems and so she is moving into the right field. It's great that her chosen university is still affordable for residents. I'm sure she will apply herself fully to her studies. I remember you saying you have a number of doctors in the family so she has chosen well :-)

  12. Congrats on your daughter's success! The flowers are just lovely.

  13. Very beautiful pictures! The marsh is grandiose and I also love your flower pot over brimming with white flowers! It is a very good idea! Wishing you a nice weekend! Sandrine

  14. So refreshing to visit here !
    Great news and photos...I wish you JOY !
    It was 94 on Thursday and 92 yesterday here-
    AC in car pooped was actually more bearable with the 4/50 system operating -
    that's 4 windows open at 50 mph !!!
    Be well and comfortable,my friend

  15. Big Congrats to your lovely Kathryn! ... What a cool tribute via that electronic board!Your header looks so inviting; I want to throw off my shoes!

  16. Hi Annie, I don't know how to find you on FB. I put in Annie and lots of names come up. I am Susan Sandoval Pedroza. I enjoyed all your pictures! I also updated my blog. Happy Sunday, hugs!

  17. It made my heart Happy to receive the friend request from you on Facebook. I'm so glad we're able to keep up on there, too. I always love your pictures. You do live in such a beautiful part of our country. Thank you for always being so faithful to link up on Fridays. If I lived near you I would gladly help with some of your chores.... even those that others don't want to do! ☺ Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


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