May 2, 2018

Wednesday Haiku No 22

Japanese love the beauty of cherry blossoms and viewing them is something they dearly love.
Mount Yoshino is home to over 30,000  Cherry trees and people have flocked to see them in bloom there for centuries.
 Here in the USA people flock to parks in all areas to see the cherry trees in bloom as well.
As a little girl I lived right by a park  filled with cherry trees ,magnolias and azalea bushes.
The park was designed by Frederick Olmsted who designed Central Park in New York and many couples time their weddings to the blooming of the blossoms so they can take beautiful photos

Warinanco Park, Roselle, New Jersey from town website
I hope you enjoy the Haiku this week.

Willow against sky

The Art of Wind

With no brush,
The Willow
Paints the wind!

Mt Yoshino,Japan home to thousands of cherry trees.


I saw afar a vast white cloud..but, no!
That was Yoshino's mount of flowering snow!

Mt. Yoshino, Japan

     The Devotee 

My shanks grow thin?
As long as they can climb,
Expect me ,Yoshino, in blossom time!
                                   --- Basho


little Sparrow


Oh, ragged sparrow without any mother,
When we are lonely, let's play with each other!
                             ---Issa (at age 6)

               Pavilion on the Lake

Here in the morning cool, the breezes waft
The perfume from the lotus-blooms aloft.



The winds toss up into the stormy vault,
The hailstones where they somersault!
                                    --- Sekitei


                  City Rain

See the city rains?
No church has finer window panes.
                               ----  Annie

Most images in this post from Pixabay.


  1. Beautiful...I sure needed that smile.

  2. The pairings of poetry and photo blend for a delight of the senses !
    Thank you !!!
    Be well,my friend...

  3. Simply beautiful. Cherry blossoms are one of my very favourite things :-)


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