May 9, 2018

Wednesday Haiku No 23

After a few days of hot weather, Wednesday has become much cooler and chilly at night in fact. It is also Haiku day, one of my favorite things.
Haiku presents a story or illustration of scenes, philosophy, etc. in a few words.
In the poem "Evocative" for example,  aren't people temples?Imagine a person creaking and stiff as they tumble into bed after a long, hard day:"the evening grows late."
Gates and people  who've worked hard,sometimes creak at their hinges! 


Closing the temple's massive double gate,
Its hinges creak: the evening grows late.

          The Wreck

Here, in a puddle, recent rain has sunk
This upturned leaf: a beetle's yellow junk*.

*a junk is an oriental boat.



Before this perfect white inviolate
--the scissors

   At Daybreak

Against a chilly sky,
washed in grey with dawn,
A single pine tree
 on the peak is drawn.

Note the beauty of the thought in "Sacrilege"... hesitation in cutting a glorious white Chrysanthemum flower.
Just a few words can create feeling and sensation in a person.

I hope you enjoy Japanese Haiku as much as I enjoy presenting it.


  1. Beautiful header
    Beautiful haiku
    Beautiful photos
    A gift complete

    Be well,my friend !

  2. Loved every one of these today, Annie. They each provoke profound thought and images in the mind's eye. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I always enjoy Haiku Wed. Smiles....the days are very warm and the nights cool here. Ps. To answer your comment; NY has enhance driver licenses, if you don't have that, you have to have your birth certificate to Re enter the states and 2 other forms of id. We have the enhance, it only cost 80 dollars a piece.

  4. Yes, the chrysanthemum "sacrilege" got me too...I often feel that way when I cut a blooming rose or other lovely flower...should I leave it on the bush for all the world to see, or should I cut it off and save it for just me? My rationale for cutting it is that it will usually live longer in a vase filled with water than it does on the tree/bush/vine...thus it can be enjoyed for a longer period of time sitting in a vase on my windowsill or table...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Love your haiku verses and images...they always make me think...and that's a good thing!!


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