May 15, 2018

Wednesday Haiku No 24

 Thunderstorms are rocking the area and we are due for rain for the next several days.
It was hot as blazes today but cooling down again, thank goodness. I really don't like the heat at all especially when it is humid.
I am sitting here listening to the storm. I like the sound of the rumbling thunder and the rain beating against the windows and the air conditioner. I like these sounds.


                Contrary Willed

Struggling to walk against this windy rain,
My wild umbrella drives me back again.

                         Evening Lantern

 Lighted still, in all this rain,
the lantern lights
my dripping window pane.

On Izumo Cliff

Arching above the wild and gloomy sea,
Far out to Sado Isle---The galaxy.
---- Basho

I hope you enjoyed the haiku this week as much as I enjoy posting them.


  1. Learning to dance in the rain...I have had plenty of that lately, true is that saying? (it is, by the way)

    Hope you have a lovely day regardless of the weather, my friend. It has finally stopped storming here.

  2. Such lovely thoughts on a rainy day! WE have had rain here too the past couple of days. Today we are seeing some sunshine mixed with little showers, but we expect the rain to stay around throughout the next week. We need it, so I won't complain. I love these quotes today...they suit my feelings as well...

  3. I LOVE the thunder and lightning storms you describe. Oh rain, please come here. Beautiful thoughts and photos. I really like the lantern lighting the window. Is Ann Annie?

  4. "Lightning abounds here
    Sweet cat cuddled on my lap
    Peace amid fury "
    As always , a treat to visit here ! Never know what goodies you have in store for us...sooo glad you post !!!
    Be well,my friend

  5. Hi Annie, Lovely...We had a terrible storm yesterday that woke me up with a big bang of thunder and then a flash of lightening across the window. Yikes! You live in a beautiful place, Love your in your neighborhood photos and the ones you have shown here in your blog today. I hope the weather clears up for you. I just now posted again to my blog after a few months. Sorry I did not get back here sooner. I probably missed a lot of good post. Hope you are doing well? Hugs


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