June 22, 2018

A Summer Place

Summer is here and so far so good.  Not too hot, not too cold but just right, for summer anyway.
Today is is much cooler than it was yesterday with a current temperature of 68 F and a bit of rain here and there.    Not much of a beach day for the tourists with some more rain predicted for tomorrow, but we will see what happens.
Still, there is plenty to do at the beach  and those of us who live here all year long find lots to keep us busy come rain or shine.  If you look around you there is beauty in every kind of weather.

Here are my photos for Skywatch Friday and Friday Foto Friends for this week. I hope you enjoy them.

I took photos of the sky over the football field during the Famous Anonymous Kid's high school graduation.   I just thought it would be nice to recall the early evening sky on that day.
The weather had been very warm but a soft cool breeze began to blow around half way through the ceremony. It made things lovely.
The graduates had paraded around the field to Pomp and Circumstance or Land Of Hope and Glory by  Elgar the traditional graduation theme and on the last round they parted ways with half the class coming in one direction and half in the other as they gave one another "high fives" for a job well done.
You can hear the song  HERE if you are not familiar with it.
As their teachers confirmed, no one can recall ever seeing such a tight knit camaraderie amongst such a large (400 kids) group of students.  These kids love one another in a way I've never seen in teens on such a large scale.  Nor have many ever seen such a bond between teachers and students either.
Teachers were crying to see them go.  It was quite something to see.
All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

It is a tradition at the school to place placards for each graduate around the neighborhood.
These kinds of signs lined the road for quite a distance.  It was a big senior class of around 400.

This is the neighborhood in which they all grew up.

Sometimes, around here, when you say  "across the street" you really mean this:

 The sea changes by the hour but the tides remain steady rising up and down like breathe on the bosom of the earth.

 Being around nature is good for the soul and spirit. 

Problems come, hard times arrive, but life goes on and the salt marsh continues as it always has with its tides and abundance of life living in it and around it going about their daily life.
It is home to so many creatures. It is home for us.


It is constant in Summer...

Glorious in Autumn...

Quiet in Winter when even the bay freezes over from cold....

photo from the NJ Patch

Serene in all seasons...

It is a casual place where you kick off your shoes and head barefoot up the dunes and out onto the ocean front  beach knowing your things will still be there when you return...

 Kids learn to swim when they can walk because water surrounds on every side in the form of creeks, rivers, marshes, bays and open ocean.

Cedar water creeks network the area. They are everywhere.

Wherever you are, enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.   It is there if you look whether it is a town, village or big city.   Never take it for granted and appreciate where you are planted and most of all enjoy the life you've been given to live.   We are all potential graduates of life and it is our decision what we do with it.

PS.. here is some comic relief. Me as a chubby cheeked rabbit compliments of snapchat!

And here is a composite photo of the girls and I melded into one. These things are such fun. We got a real good laugh out of them.

Wascally Wabbit

3 in one


  1. Absolutely beautiful telling by word and pic of the land where you live. I like the tradition of the placards. Our graduating class in 1967 was 387. Schools around here run about 1,000 or more. How wonderful that the kids are so close and teachers actually cry to see them go. You read so many horror stories these days about teachers and students.

    1. Yes it is nice to see a class so close. My class was 183 kids.

  2. Beautiful shore line photos. I love the white sandy beaches and your rascally wabbit shot.

  3. I love your photos of your lovely bay area. Not too different than where we were in Maine last week...all the same wonderful ocean. You do live in a wonderful place...so happy your family has had that kind of experience to grow up in. Love your snapchat photos. They are such fun, your "wascally wabbit". LOL

  4. You live in such a beautiful place and your pictures are awesome! The rabbit photo is adorable. I love playing with those filter things when talking with my grandson.

  5. You wow me with your photos every time I visit! What a joy to walk and be so close to water! Lovely!

  6. I so envy the place where you live just to be able to sit by the bay and watch all the wonderful things going on. Love the sky photos too. Congratulations to the famous anonymous kid on her high school graduation. My great niece graduated today from high school. It's amazing how time flies.. LOL! The new header is great Annie. Have a blessed day ahead my friend.

  7. Wonderful post !!!
    Love the pictures and captions...much needed peace !
    Back when the dinosaurs and I were young , my HS graduation class numbered 64 !!!
    Somewhat rural ?!? Long ago and far away
    Have a splendid day , my friend

  8. Fantastic photos Annie. I've come by to see them a few times, lol. Thank you for the comment on my harbour cruise. I hope your daughter enjoyed her time in Vancouver. It's too bad I didn't know and we could meet for a drink just to be introduced but I know how it is when one travels. So little time, especially if there is a conference. I hope she had sunny weather while here as we have had only a few rainy days now and then over the last few months. I also hope she took a bunch of photos to share with you. Have a great rest of your weekend.

    1. She was only there for one day! I thought of mentioning it to you but, with only one day it would not have worked. If she goes back with some time I will let you know. She would love to meet you.

    2. I totally understand. If it works out next time or in future that will be awesome :-)

  9. I love each and every one of your fotos. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up and being faithful to do that. I'm just sorry I'm so slow to visit. Life.... 💕


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