June 5, 2018

Senior Citizens of Times Gone By

These videos of seniors from the past are just wonderful.
 Lydia Stewart, born in California in 1829, and seen in the video, passed on December 25,1932.


 I like Civil War veteran Mr. Draper, aged 90 in 1930 who doesn't drink water because it rusts your pipes! Mr. Draper is also a big fan of short skirts on ladies. "The shorter the better."


  1. Wonderful films !
    That they should still present the personalities and speeches of those long passed is amazing .
    It is further amazing how healthy and fully functioning these seniors are , compared with those in present day !
    Be well , my friend...

  2. Wow Annie! Enjoyed both videos especially the first one. First thought that came to my mind is I'm eligible to join their clubs! LOLOL! Have a day of blessings my friend.


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