June 8, 2018

Thursday Afternoon

What a lovely day it was today, Thursday,  as I get this post ready.
I spent the day talking and having coffee with a friend.
Late  in the afternoon I went outside to take some photos for Friday Foto Friends  and SkyWatch Friday.
Why don't you join in? Surfing around to see all the photos is a wonderful way to spend some time on the net.
 The day was cool, even chilly in the morning and very breezy. The sun was shining beautifully and cast a golden glow on everything.
These photos are all taken in my own neighborhood. It's a pretty area, I think.
I took a number of videos of the bay as well and will post two here and the rest during the rest of the coming week.

Sun is going down Thursday June 7

Looking to the east across some salt marsh toward the open bay

Don't fence me in! 

Looking westward over the cove. Open bay is to the right and the left...this is an island

the calm cove water

taking photos along the cove facing west

they added rocks to protect the bridge (which is a road over the rocky area there). The island was cut off after Sandy. We found a way around it but, this week it was finally finished and reopened.

comment from by passer to me: "Can you take photos of the sun and have them come out? "  "Yes" I said, "I can".  "How do you do it?" he asked.  I said, "I point and click the camera and voila.. "  "don't you need to do something special with the camera?" he wanted to know.    "Perhaps," I said, "but if so I don't know what it is. I just take them and they come out okay." We had a good chuckle from this and talked some more because his dog was cute ;). Advice to men: want to get a girl? Have a cute dog. 

The bay island park is open again for the first time since hurricane Sandy which did much damage.
We are so happy about it!
The picnic tables are hand made and brand new!

Mr. Seagull is king of the park and sits atop his gazebo surveying his kingdom.

I took these videos in the park by my house which just reopened after hurricane Sandy nearly destroyed it.

For Pamela: In the photo below are the houses across the little lagoon(as I call it) that you see in the 3rd photo down from the top. It is really just a cove on the bay. My area is a peninsula that sticks out into the bay. (NJ is a peninsula and we carry that theme  to extremes around here!)
 These little lagoons criss-cross the area and houses line either side. They are a network of little watery roads all over the place.

Below is salt marsh and the open bay. Housing extends right out into the bay sometimes.
The dark line you see in the distance is the barrier islands. 
Barnegat Bay is narrow and shallow, though the inlet by the lighthouse is known for its huge 50ft and better swells  making it dangerous. The name Barnegat comes from the old Dutch as the area was settled by the Dutch.The name is a reference to the huge swells and waves at the inlet.

Thank you for visiting and please come again.


  1. You certainly captured some spectacular photos Annie. I'll come and visit again later to watch the videos. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. And a very pretty area it is! Wonderful photos of the bay Annie and enjoyed the videos too. Have a blessed day ahead dear Annie. 💜

  3. This was marvelous! so happy that your park is now reopen...I can tell it is a place that will be enjoyed by many this summer! I love the sunrises or sunsets? I was assuming sunrise since you are on the east coast, but then again, with a bay you could be turned around... I was also surprised at the number of houses across the bay from you...are there that many houses around your house? You seem to be more isolated than that I thought. I also noticed a lovely sunlight cross on the beginning of your first video...the sun light made a perfect cross on the water when you first started filming. That was significant to me. It was all so lovely and peaceful. Thank you for sharing. Those salt marsh areas are beautiful too. We were driving up near Jacksonville a couple of weeks ago and passed an area that looked just like that and I thought of you. True!!! Have a blessed day!!

  4. Sunsets Pamela. Those houses are only across the little lagoon and the salt marsh and are built on lagoons. I posted a photo of that on Facebook the other day and captioned it "the streets are empty today".
    All the photos are taken facing west and inland except for the photo of the new picnic tables which faces east out to the open bay and the last video which shows the open bay out to the barrier island (which is also part of our town). I am filming from an island as well LOL. I will have to show a map of the area sometime. Since there is so much water, creeks, salt marsh, bay and ocean it gets confusing I can see.
    Know what? I will post a photo of the lagoon neighborhoods again on this post in a minute. If you come back you'll see how those houses are situated :)

    1. Thank you, Annie, for your extra pictures and explanations. I am trying to piece it all together in my mind...probably a map from above would help me put it into perspective better. I also live on a peninsula, and Florida is a peninsula. Our road where we live is considered a "key" out to the lake. We are at the beginning, so we are not surrounded by water, but the further you drive on our road (about 2 1/2 miles) you are surrounded by woods and water and eventually come the end which is Big Lake Kerr. There are houses on little canals leading out to the lake there, much like your lagoons, only not as nice...many are manufactured homes, and people have docks on the canals and fishing boats. There are a few large homes facing the lake. Sometime I will have to drive out there and take some pictures. It's funny that we both live on peninsulas...except yours is the ocean and mine is a lake. :)

  5. Beautiful shots of the salt marsh. I love the golden light in the first shot, and the contrast between blue and green. And nice job with the videos! You indeed live in a beautiful area!

  6. You live in such an awesome place with so many great opportunities for beautiful photos. It's a glorious gift to be able to feast your eyes on so much beauty each day!

  7. Oh Annie, I just got lost in your beautiful photos! What a gorgeous area you live in! I would be out sitting on the porch with a pot of tea all day and night! Lovely!

  8. Wow! What a gorgeous place to live! I especially love the marsh ones. I lived in South Carolina for a few years and it is what I remember fondly.

  9. What a beautiful place that you live. I love all your pictures and especially enjoyed the videos, getting to hear the water and wind and birds. That you for taking me on a visit to the water.

  10. It is absolutely gorgeous where you live! Thank-you for sharing it! Have a nice weekend!

  11. Another beautiful afternoon on the water.

  12. Delighted to hear the park has reopened !
    It was a favorite , peaceful place before Hurricane Sandy's destruction .
    The photos are lovely , especially against the antique map background...
    clever lady !!!
    Have a marvelous weekend , my friend

  13. Annie, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can just smell the bay/ocean, sigh. smiles

    p.s. I just love your new look here, smiles

  14. Thank you for your comment on my blog today, I am glad you found me via Snap That. Let's follow each other. You live in a magnificent area, I like your photos of reeds/grasses with the stream meandering its way through.

    1. :) I will add you to my links page!

  15. What fantastic weather and gorgeous views! I sure needed that in my gray, wintry day today!


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