June 6, 2018

Wednesday Haiku No 27

Haiku lightens the soul's burdens and enlightens the mind.

         Sitting on Kyorai's Veranda 

A cuckoo called!
The moonlight filters through
shadow-shifting thickets
of cool bamboo.

                      The Meteor

Just as that firefly,
 glowing on a spray
of leaves dropped off...
It suddenly shot away!
                     -- Basho

 Zen Haiku by  Matsuo Basho(1644-94), drawings by me.


  1. Love the photos and the Basho quotes with them Annie. Have a blessed day dear friend.

  2. Love the quotes...the firefly one in particular...and your illustrations are perfect. Very talented lady. I love fireflies...we just don't see that many here. I have to be really watching for them deliberately. I may try tonight. It seems like June is always a good time to see them.

  3. Lovely photos and verse.

  4. Well done! Prachtige tekst!

  5. Thank you for this theme...a lovely way to start the day !
    So wonderful that you take the time to perfectly match the photo to the verse...
    a complete presentation .
    Be well , my friend

    1. Only they aren't photos. They are drawn by me. LOL

  6. Love, love this post and I also love your new header, smiles.


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