July 20, 2018

♫Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling, It's Twilight Time...𝄞

This week is over and I hope the coming week is much nicer though it seems more storms are on the way.
 Here are my photos for Friday Foto Friends and Skywatch Friday. They are taken with my phone and for some reason did not save as jpgs and also appear very grainy. I never had this happen before and not sure why it did happen this time.

Inside the tiny cottage, it is cozy....

Outside, the boats anchor for the night... 

 Below is the actual photo I took with my Android phone and then below that is a jazzed up photo.

 Here, below is how it was jazzed up using edit on Instagram.
I like the original much better, frankly.

 The bay turns pink at sunset and gets pinker as the sun goes down. No editing on any photo except where noted.
In this photo you can see how grainy. It doesn't look like that on the phone. Just when downloaded.

Earlier in the evening the pink was not as evident.

Pain from severe sciatica has kept me from posting all week. I just hurt far too much to even care.
I am always in pain from my spine and have been for most of my life.   That's life my friends.


  1. As usual Annie I loved every one of your photos and didn't notice any grainy look. I think my favorite is the tiny cottage as it's so different from the others. The Platters were and still is my favorite group. I own every one of their albums. My Prayer was especially my favorite. Take care and praying you'll feel better soon with less pain. 💜

  2. Sorry to hear about the sciatica pain, Annie. Love all the photos here. Very weird that your phone didn't save them as jpgs! I get a lot of graininess on my iPhone shots taken in low light too. The phone automatically pushes the ISO way up.

  3. Your photos are outstanding, even with the "grainy" ness...I really didn't notice it. I am so sorry that you have been suffering so. I do hope you will find some relief soon. Praying for you now. I also love your tiny cottage picture...it made me want to come inside and sit down and have a cup of tea with you and enjoy the coziness of it all. The shadows on the walkway out front are interesting too!! Yes, I remember the Platters and that song..."It's Twilight Time"...a favorite time of day. Be blessed my friend.

  4. I'm so sorry about your pain, wish I could something about it. I just love your photos and your little cottage. Sending you tons of love and hugs.

  5. My friend , you are an inspiration...
    despite your pain , you think of us !
    May you be granted freedom from pain ,
    glowing , good health and joy .
    You are so special to us !
    In our prayers...

  6. Love your little cottage by the sea! Awesome fotos, especially the pink sunsets. I'm so sorry about the pain. Hope it's subsided some by now.


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