July 13, 2018

Seaside Photos in Mid-July

Outside my front window a tiny bird is singing her lovely little song while she sits on top of the little bird house I nailed to the side of the house. Maybe she sings a lullaby to her babies. She is accompanied by the sound of the fountain in the little pond and boats passing by on the bay.
It is a pretty day today--not too hot, not too cool, no real humidity--- and time for Friday Foto Friends hosted by Debbie and also Skywatch Friday hosted by Skyley.
 Here are my contributions for this week.
Sundown at Barnegat Bay

Barnegat Blue

Trumpets by the bay welcoming an incoming visitor

Big trumpet vine on the edge of the bay


  1. Nice sundown and I like your word image of the little bird. Sounds like paradise.

  2. Love your photos, and the trumpets welcoming the ships is great!! I have trumpet vines growing in a tree in my back yard. They welcome the birds to the garden. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend. Love the bird singing...so precious.

  3. Beautiful....it's hot and humid here in western NY. Sigh, it is July, right?

  4. Beautiful pictures of the Bay, Annie. I love Trumpet vines!

  5. Pretty shots. Love the clouds in your first photo. Have a great weekend!

  6. Wonderful shots Annie. My favorite is Barnegat Blue. I would put a bench right next to the fence and spend the day sitting there in peace and quiet. Have a blessed evening my friend.

  7. "No real humidity".... Love those words! Love your fotos and the ones I saw today on Instagram. Beautiful! Hope you've had a great day! 💜

  8. Your photos are beautiful. Love the trumpet vines and why Ann I surprised that you have them there? I thought they were a Texas thing. 😳

    1. Should be Why am I
      Why am I so quick to hit the publish button before proofing?

  9. So peaceful...so beautiful !
    Another gift from you to us...thank you !
    Have a splendid day , my friend !

  10. Hi Annie, Popped in to just say hi and hope you are keeping cool. It's so hot and humid here. Staying indoors with my a.c. LOL! Have a great day my friend.

  11. Beautiful photos, Annie! I love the mountains here but sometimes I miss seeing the seashore.

  12. Lovely series of photos Annie.


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