February 11, 2019

Tuesday 4

Tyr and Fenrir

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Tuesday gets its name from the old English Tiwes dæg which in turn is named after the old Norse god Tyr (pronounced like Tier) and the word for day, daeg. Tyr was the god of war like Mars and Aries. The rune that represents Tyr is an upward pointing arrow.
Those old gods stick around don't they? They made their mark on everything.
It snowed last night and gave us about 3 inches of lovely snow.
And it is cold again today as winter should be.  It looks lovely outside but makes you grateful for a hot cuppa tea or coffee!

Today I am joining with Toni for her Tuesday 4 meme. I hope you will join in as well.

Join in here

1.   What was the best thing you have ever bought?

        My piano, a little baby grand bought used in 1997. It gets played almost daily.

2.   What was the best book you have ever read?

      A Christmas Carol ranks high and also David Copperfield and The Closing of the American Mind.

3.   What would you like to have in 2019 that you lacked in 2018?

A new stove/oven and a new kitchen sink/counter tops and new gutters on the house. My stove is broken, my sink is falling through the counter and is rusted through in places, my soffit-gutter system is ruined.

4.   What do you wish you have done more of in life?

Made more friends and worked more jobs.

So what would your answers be?  Get blogging and let us know.

I will see you again for Wednesday Haiku.


  1. I love that you have a little baby grand and that it gets played daily. I would love to hear you play. I can imagine it is beautiful. I do not play the piano, but often wish I could. I play a good "air piano"...
    I am sorry for your kitchen issues. I wish I could help. My stove is about shot too. When we sell the house we will give a discount/allowance for the stove and also the microwave that is above the stove, as it stopped working recently too. We can't afford to replace them until we sell the house. I hope you can get your sink fixed...that is scary... I am glad that we can be friends here...but I also wish we weren't so far apart. It would be fun to be close-up friends. Then we could help each other with things. (and you could teach me to paint and maybe even play the piano.) Have a blessed wintry day. It is quite warm and springy here.

  2. Hi, Annie, and hope you are doing great.. Wow, a baby grand, what a treasure... I played the paino as a younger person but my eye sight makes it difficult to read the music these days... I do miss it though, so much!! I love to hear the piano.. and turn into classical piano on Pandora very often!!!

  3. I wish I played piano! That is awesome you have a baby grand to play daily. :) That makes me smile!
    I hope you can get some of your home improvements done. It is expensive. Loved your answers! Happy Tuesday!



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