April 23, 2019

Dressing & Keeping Earth

Hello Friends!
I will be joining Toni for her meme this week. Why don't you as well?

Celebrating Earth Day

1.   What is your Favorite way to Celebrate Earth Day? 
I have never actually celebrated it. But conservation and ecology are important to me. I take the command to dress and keep the earth seriously.  I recycle plastics and try to keep my place looking as nice as I can.

2.   What is your Favorite thing to do Outside?
 To take in the fresh air. I don't care if it is rainy, cold, hot, warm or where it is, I just like the fresh air.

3.   What is Something we can do to Waste less Water?
 I think there is a ton of water on the earth but, you can turn off the water instead of letting it run while washing dishes.  You can shower with friends ..hehehe.                                         
4.   Why is it Important to care about our Earth?
 Earth is our home, outside of Paradise. God commanded that we  "keep and dress" the earth. This means we are to improve what we have,make it beautiful and use it for the comfort of people and animals. But people always come first.

What do you think about Earth Day? What do you do to dress and keep the earth?


  1. Shower with friends.... oh how fun! Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Good Morning !
    Thinking back , a garden was planted in every place I've lived...making it prettier after leaving than before arriving . It seems to be in the genes , as my mother and her mother did the same...lovely legacy !
    Have a splendid day , my friend !

  3. I forgot about recycling and composting... Oh, well, loved your answers Have a grand rest of your week!

  4. Shower with friends! Hahahahaha I think Earth day must be an ongoing thing. I am always keeping my yard clean and recycling. I really do not celebrate the day so much, but I am very aware of keeping it clean and taking care if it. Loved your answers! Have a great Tuesday!


  5. LOLOLOL! I think we all got a kick out of your shower with friends. Do you know now that one state is looking to pass a person who dies to have their body turn into compost... How you like them there apples!! Sweet dreams my friend.

  6. Oh my, showering with friends, I don't about that!! lol I am bad about letting the water run too much when I'm in the kitchen, I'll try to do better. Hope all is well with you!


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