May 21, 2019

Newsy Tuesday

Tuesday promises to be 20 degrees cooler than Monday when it reached 91F. Too hot and too humid and I truly dislike hot weather and humid climates. I could comfortably live in Norway but never the American south. Too humid, too buggy, too many creepy crawly things.

 There is nothing creepy or crawly about Toni's Tuesday 4 meme though. So, let's jump right in and enjoy it. What are your answers?

The News

1.   Do you read an actual print newspaper? If so, how often?

Not anymore. I used to read several of them.   I got out of the habit of reading a local Irish newspaper, which I ought to begin doing again as I did enjoy it a lot.

2.   What is your main source of news?

I look at many different news and news aggregation sites first thing every day for a few hours. It takes that long to filter through the trash and find some nuggets of truth.
I also have some favorite YouTube analysts that I give a listen to in an effort to find good information.

3.   Do you believe that it's possible for the media to be unbiased?
It is never possible for anyone to be completely unbiased and it always shows in the words chosen and used.  That being said, one can at least try to be unbiased.  Today, however, news is no longer news or who,what,where, why and when. Today is it all editorialized, mostly opinion.

4.   Who is/are your favorite TV News Anchor Personality Or Real Live Reporter/s?

No one today. Both left and right are so biased, so political that it is impossible to glean much from them that is useful or that is truthful.
Even back in the day  the ever popular Walter Cronkite was, in reality, a globalist who wanted a one world government.  They have always had an agenda.
Cronkite said he would "sit at the right hand of Satan" to achieve world government.

If I have to chose someone I would say that I like the style of Lou Dobbs but, I just can't be bothered with TV or radio news anymore.



  1. I totally agree with #3. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Good answers Annie. I knew this weeks meme was going to generate some great answers. Have a blessed day my friend.

  3. I so agree with you about Walter Cronkite.. I gt upset every timee I see that fb post about him being the greatest anchor.. He was one world government all the way!

  4. We love Lou Dobbs and watch him every night, I had no idea Cronkite had said that. The humidity broke here in western NY and its a pleasant 63* with a breeze. So not complaining, I am not a summer girl either, smiles.

  5. I rarely watch the national news anymore. I did not know that about Cronkite. That is awful! Loved your answers! Have a nice Tuesday!

  6. News is a frustrating experience anymore...we only watch a brief report in the morning, and then pick up some throughout the day if there is "breaking news" of importance...I get that on the internet...but rarely do I watch. It's all too political and not really true news anymore. So...we turn off the tv and head outside for a walk and enjoy the beauty around us. That is where I find the best news of the day!!


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