June 17, 2019

Tuesday and Toni's Questions

Rainy day today, Monday. The girls and I continued our rewatching of Teen Wolf this afternoon. We will try to get in all 5 seasons this summer.
The famous anonymous got her bartending license so she can earn extra money for school. She is doing well and only working 2 days a week.
Right now the rain is falling hard.
I am joining in for Toni's Meme today:

Questions, Silly Questions

1.   Who is the last person you talked to last night?
     My daughter

2.   What is your weather like right now?
Intermittent rain, cloudy, sun beginning to go down a bit.
Flash Flood Watch
New Jersey
National Weather  Service
The  risk of flash flooding will increase where excessive rainfall rates persist. Flooding in urban areas especially is likely if torrential downpours occur, and rapid rises ...

3.   Where did you spend this past weekend?
     At home by the bay

4.   What's for dinner tonight?
    As I am writing this on Monday and have no clue about Tuesday yet, I will tell what I made to night.
I made hamburgers. I mix ground sirloin with chopped red onion, plenty of oatmeal, egg, pepper and form  patties with them.  I also made kale for a vegetable.


  1. We've been getting a lot of rain here lately as well...had some very close lightning last night while I was cooking supper...I had to back away from the kitchen window and sink a couple of times as it seemed way too close for comfort. Your hamburgers sound good. I do that sometimes, although I use bread instead of oatmeal. I may try the oatmeal sometime. I know I've used it in meatloaf before and it was good. I've never eaten Kale...but I love spinach. Does that count? Hope you have a blessed day today, and no flooding.

  2. Raining here in western NY this morning. I love your new header here, Annie. I use oatmeal or breadcrumbs when I make hamburgers or meatloaf and I for one, love kale. smiles.

  3. Your hamburger and kale sounds so good.. I love kale!!!!

  4. Your burgers sound so good and it is rainy here too. I'm so over it. Loved your answers! Have a nice Tuesday!


  5. Your burgers sound yummy!! Have a great week!

  6. Kale is my favorite veggie and I love burgers. I absolutely love your header Annie, so different from your other paintings. Have a day of blessings my friend.

  7. You always have great food ideas !
    Suddenly , I crave burgers !!
    Thank you for sharing...wishing you peace and comfort...

  8. The mention of air smelling of roses at this time of the year sent shivers to my spine. I love it.

    Worth a Thousand Words


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