July 17, 2019

Summer Day

What a beautiful day it is. Perfect temperatures, lovely sun and sky.
The blue of the sky was reflected in the big pond so I had to take this photo this afternoon.
This kind of weather is smile producing.
I will be sitting by the water part of the day, organizing the laundry room another part.
What will you be doing today?


  1. Its been raining here, Annie...let's see, was gossiping with the landlady (say it ain't do, Linda, lol), I also trimmed out the flowers (more on that for tomorrows post), kept an eye (ear really) on hubby while he was working on the inside of the shed...that's about it. It's so humid here--like pea soup--ick. sigh

    1. Humid as pea soup here too. Rain likely tomorrow. Thinking of Toni all day long. Shopping at Home Goods for hangers.. nothing else going on.

  2. Worked through the high heat...car thermometer registered 101 !
    Drove through the thunderstorm with rain splats the size of "silver dollar " pancakes.
    So grateful for A/C ! We might wish for this when the winter comes !!!


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