August 17, 2019

Saturday 9 Where You Lead

Hello friends,
 It was an interesting week in many ways. There were many interesting things in the news, the weather, etc. I went out for dinner with my daughter to a very nice little place. There are a lot of restaurants on the seashore that have outdoor seating  and its all very nice.
We had a nice meal. We went while it was still very light out and missed seeing all the trees lit up with fairy lights on the trunks and limbs. One particularly nice place has outdoor seating in a rose garden.
 Here is my entry for  Saturday 9.

Where You Lead (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.

1) This is the theme of The Gilmore Girls, a TV show that ran  from 2000 to 2007. It recently enjoyed renewed popularity as a reboot. Were you a fan?
I began watching it when it first started but lost interest over time since I had other things to do and it just didn't grab my attention though it was entertaining.
2) The show is about thirty something Lorelai Gilmore, her teenage daughter Rory, and her parents, Richard and Emily. The four of them had dinner together every Friday night. Who did you have dinner with on Friday? What was on the menu?
I had dinner out with my daughter. We ate Penne Venezia.

3) Lorelai is outgoing and talkative. How about you? Are you seldom at a loss for words?
It depends on the situation. I don't care for small talk but I do really enjoy deep conversations with people who like getting into deeper subjects.  If someone is shy and looks uncomfortable I will try to focus on making them comfortable and drawing them into a conversation. Sometimes that can be very hard to do.

4) Rory dreamed of going to an Ivy League school and then becoming a broadcast journalist. When you were in high school, what were your ambitions?
  To be a journalist. I majored in Radio and TV journalism.
5) Rory's grandfather (and Lorelai's dad) went to Yale and performed with the Whiffenpoofs, Yale's famous a cappella group. Have you ever sung in front of an audience?
I   sang with an accapella group in high school. and while taking singing lessons had several recitals.

6) Rory's grandmother (and Lorelai's mother) Emily was very active in civic organizations and worked hard on the Hartford Zoological Society's Annual Silent Auction. Have you ever attended an auction?
I am not sure. I may have but the memory is dim so it must have been boring.

7) Alexis Bledel, who played Rory, went on to appear in Mad Men and The Handmaid's Tale. Of these three shows -- Gilmore Girls, Mad Men and The Handmaid's Tale -- which would you prefer to binge watch?
Mad Men or Gilmore Girls. Handmaid's Tale was   ugly and I only saw bits of it on YouTube. Hated what I saw of it.

8) Carole King originally wrote this week's song, "Where You Lead," for her Tapestry album. Do you have a favorite Carole King song?
It's Too Late 
9) Random question: If zoo animals could talk, which animal do you imagine would be the rudest? 
I think monkeys would be a bit rude . They are just smart enough to be able to get into trouble.


  1. Yes! I so enjoy deep conversations and running into others who enjoy the same is becoming a rare thing. I loathe small talk or idle chit-chat just for the sake of saying something and can never think of anything to say.
    I agree about the monkeys. Any critter that flings poo is most likely going to be rude when it speaks, too.
    Have a lovely Saturday!

  2. I'm not very good at small talk either. I prefer deep and meaningful relationships with folks which includes conversations. It is worth stating I like to "know" folks, everything about them etc. That's just my human nature I guess. It is probably also worth noting, not many folks are like that now a days and that is sad. I just like knowing what makes people tick--if that makes any sense. smiles

  3. I absolutely love Acapella singing... That com0petiotn of acapella groups was a favorite for me!!!

  4. You are right! Handmaid's Tale IS ugly. I had to read it in college and I could not believe the story. With that said, I would still choose to watch it since I read it. I have already seen Gilmore Girls.
    I am that shy person that is hard to talk to. I appreciate people like you who take the time tog et to know me...because once I know someone, I will talk a lot. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  5. A lot of us wanted to be journalists or writers, I see.

  6. So, far you're the second person to not recommend The Handmaid's Tale. Maybe I shouldn't waste my time trying to watch it????? I hope you can stop by:


  7. The way you describe The Handmaid's Tale show reflects how I felt about the book. I appreciated it, but I didn't like, and I just couldn't put time and thought into a book I wasn't into.


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