October 15, 2019

A Wednesday Medley

A medley of questions to answer on Wednesday.
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These question and answer thingies are fun to do and a great way to get to know more about other bloggers, which I love doing.

1. Today is Bosses' Day. Workplace politics at the highest level of competition. Is this a day for
employees to thank their bosses for being unfailingly kind and understanding throughout the year? A meaningless holiday pressuring backstabbing co-workers to kowtow to tyrannic managers? Or just another way for the groveling sycophants to max out their credit cards in a piteous attempt to curry favor?

It should be a day for bosses to realize they also have feet of clay and are not omnipotent.  Like many of those kinds of holidays it is a marketing ploy.
All bosses should be  like Mr. Fezziwig from A Christmas Carol.. jovial, kind, generous.
Bonus question for those of us who've retired: On the One-To-Ten Scale, how incomprehensibly ecstatic are you about not having to put up with this kind of malarkey anymore? Or any words of encouragement to those of us who still have forty years to go before Social Security kicks in?

Not retired but... life is full of malarkey.

2. October 16 is also National Fossil Day! Just as new living species are discovered, new fossilized animals are found.

A type of trilobite was named Aegrotocatellus jaggeri after Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who feel Mick Jagger is a fossil.

If someone was to name something after you, what would you like it to be?
A hominid.. Annopithecus Jerseyensis   (Pithecus denotes ape species, ensis meaning of or from).. well anthropology is my thing you know. Or perhaps a dinosaur..Annosaurus Jerseyensis. (saurus meaning  giant reptile or dragon)

3. Today is Hag fish Day! What is a hag fish? Well I wouldn't rush to look it up. Those things should come with a warning. All the cuteness of a viper and the cuddliness of an eel. Allegedly very delicious and plentiful, though, if you can get them to stop slithering around long enough to cook them. Which is why we celebrate Hag fish Day!
We celebrate Hag-fish day because people love to mess over your mind. It is a hobby for some. 
Like shellfish and bottom feeders (fish without fins and scales) they are the dead thing clean up crew.They eat only dead carrion to clean up the ocean and shellfish filter poison from the water.
This is why I do not eat shellfish or fish without fins and scales.

Which member(s) of The Animal Kingdom gives you the creeps? Or is it a slimy co-worker from Question #1?
 Sasquatch or Bigfoot, hands down. Creepy hybrid thing.

4. Cheers! We also celebrate Drink Local Wine Week and National Liqueur Day! Is there a
winery in your locale? 
  We have several in NJ.. Cream Ridge, Working Dog , Laurita Winery, Crossing Winery, Valenzano Winery, Cape May Winery,  Hawk Haven. There are more but I am drawing a blank now.

Do you have a favorite cordial or a mixed drink made with a liqueur?
B&B.. Benedictine and Brandy.

 A non-potent potable such as a refreshing smoothie?
No. Not into them really.

5. Happy Birthday, Angela Lansbury! Her first two roles were as the maid in Gaslight and Sibyl Vane in The Picture Of Dorian Gray. Truly a star of stage, screen and television, Angela played on Broadway and as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote. One of her most respected film roles was that of Laurence Harvey's mother in The Manchurian Candidate, an often overlooked political thriller. She was believable despite being only three years older than Laurence Harvey.

Can you think of any out-of-the-ordinary casting? Or the type of casting in which Hollywood expects us to suspend all logic?
There is one very famous one that was on television in a soap opera. Joan Crawford did a stand in for her sick daughter on the Secret Storm. The part was a 24 year old housewife and Joan was 60 and looked it back at the time. From all accounts it was pretty awful.
 Everyone should see the Manchurian Candidate. It's an important eye opener on a very real subject.
They only had audio from the Crawford stand in., so you don't see Joan at all. Here, however, is an episode of The Secret Storm episode from 1961! It's interesting to see such early television and a black and white soap opera at that!
Ladies are all wearing shirtwaist dresses and the commercials are wonderful.
Take a look:

6. Please share something about your week.
 It is going by quickly it seems and autumn weather has kicked in at last.
A Nor'easter is stuck offshore for lack of anything better to do with itself.

 I'll be back tomorrow with another post.    Will you come by?


  1. I hope you personally can stay wrm and dry this weekend! Take care! Love your anthropological answer!!! You are quite the scholar!

  2. "Life is full of malarkey." It is, isn't it? I'll be quoting it, I'm sure. Enjoy the fall weather!

  3. Fezziwig. Charles Dickens is my favorite author.

    Loved your answers and thank you for participating! Hope to see you next Wednesday!

  4. Very informative answers. Enjoyed your post.

  5. Just stopping by to appreciate your blog and say "Hello " .
    Hello !
    It's a great day for tea !


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