December 2, 2019

The Rainy,Snowy Day

The day is cold, and dark, and dreary;
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
The vine still clings to the mouldering wall,
But at every gust the dead leaves fall,
And the day is dark and dreary.
My life is cold, and dark, and dreary;
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
My thoughts still cling to the mouldering Past,
But the hopes of youth fall thick in the blast,
And the days are dark and dreary.
Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary.

—  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. Great pairing of poem and painting.

  2. Good Morning !
    Apt poem...dull day . Thankfully , not enough snow to shovel ! That task has long fallen to me and , as I age that white stuff holds less allure than when in childhood . However ,a snowed-in day , with no need to travel , is lovely . The house is snug and
    warm , with hearty soup on the stove and cheese biscuits in the oven . There is a magical
    peace and quiet to the day , as the snow gently drifts down and the world is still .
    Oh , well...back to today's reality .
    Wishing you peace and joy , my friend
    P.S. -
    Your little fireplace to the right is wonderful , as is your attention to detail ,
    for our delight...Thank you !

  3. ENJOYED! Behind the clouds is the sun still shining; or we could say, 'behind the clouds the Son IS shining.

  4. Wonderful old poem. Sorry you are having cold and dreary days. We are cold, but the sun is shining...and I love what Mary said above..."behind the clouds the SON IS shining!" That is a wonderful thing to remember on these cold dreary days, or everyday!!!

  5. Love his poetry and this is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing it Annie. I absolutely love the painting you chose to go with it. Sweet dreams dear friend.

  6. I love HWL's poetry and this one speaks to the season of weather and the season of life for many. I like what Mary and Pamela said "behind the clouds the SON is shining" Hugs and blessings. xx

  7. Longfellow very aptly described this weather and my current mood.


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