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June 30, 2020

4th of July!!

Welcome to Tuesday 4 in memory and honor of our friend Toni Taddeo.
This week, let's talk about the Fourth of July.

1. Do you think the 4th is an important holiday?Why , why not?
Very important! It is Independence Day. Freedom day! We celebrate freedom from tyrannical government.

2. How do you celebrate? If you are not American, do you celebrate your nation's national holiday?
We celebrate with flags, fireworks, picnics, bon fires on the beach , reading the Declaration and singing.

3. In the time of Laura Ingals Wilder,  all Americans read the Declaration of Independence every year on the 4th and lemonade was a big treat for the town picnic.
 Do you read the Declaration of Independence? Or, your nations important papers?
Yes!! It is extremely important to keep reading it over and over again and memorize it and the preamble to the Constitution and to know the bill of rights by heart.
Don't be surprised that young Americans don't know history or have patriotism when you neglect their home education, which should include reading and the telling of the story of America!!

  How about lemonade? Are you a fan?
Lemonade is good but I don't drink sugary things anymore.

4. Picnic, eat inside the house or eat out for the 4th?
We eat outside if the weather permits!
Now.. watch why the Star Spangled Banner is SO important!!
And by the way, FAcebook.. that rotten organization of anti-American pigs, censored this video. It contained too much truth for them.


  1. I never thought toi rad the documentw ith Amanda. but I do think it is most imporatnt especially in the climate in which we live!!!Im shsaring that thought with AManda and the girls next time we speak!God bless America!

  2. Thank you for this post. I listened to the Star Spangled Banner video. I tried to post it on FB, but was stopped by the fact checkers. Very sad. This was a beautifully written story. I can imagine it was that way. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. I enjoyed your answers very much today.
    Have a good Tuesday.

  4. A pox on Facebook and its fact checkers!! It's a great video. I think your celebrations on the shore would be quite nice. :)

  5. That is sad that FB did not allow it, wow crazy! I hope your 4th is great!

  6. Sounds like you really celebrate the 4th of July. I use to drink lemonade too but stopped years ago. I just drink water with a splash of fresh lemon. Thank you for sharing the video. I put it in my YouTube and will watch later when I have time.

  7. So sad that FB has banned such a great video! I don't drink lemonade either due to the sugar content, sadly! May you have a blessed 4th!

  8. The rockets' red glare...

  9. Wonderful header !!!
    The video was so very powerful . That people believed in the new country's values to so willingly put their lives on the line , should shame those who so willingly trample it today . Though I'd seen the video before , the tears flowed , none the less .
    May God bless you for all you do to enlighten us , my friend .


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