September 21, 2020

Your Home Routine.. Tuesday 4

Happy Tuesday friends!  Yesterday was a very fall-like chilly day and last night the heat came on.

It is the last day of summer and fall has already arrived.  I've been watching birds gather to fly south for the past 3 weeks. They know when to go.
Here is Tuesday 4.

 1. What laundry products do you like to use or find best for you?

I use Tide, Clorox for bleach and Downy fabric softener. I sometimes also use 20 Mule team Borax in the wash. I used to love Oxydol but can't find it any more. Nothing gets whites cleaner in my opinion.

2.Dryer, line or combination of both?

I use both. Right now my dryer is broken so, I am using the line.

3. Do you have wood floors or carpeting and which is best?

I have wood floors and room size rugs.

4. Housekeeping professionals give the following guidelines. Which do you follow? Do you have better ideas?

1. open windows first
2. clear up clutter before cleaning.
3. start in bedrooms first
4.give cleaning products time to work.
5.Always sweep or vacuum before mopping
6.use a toothbrush for hard to get at areas
7. keep things on a central cart if you can
8.dust everything
9.vacuum your furniture often, mattresses once a month or so.

The only thing on the list I don't do is use a central cart. I just have such a tiny house that I have no room for one.  The rest is how I do things most of the time.

Bye Bye Summer.. It's been Fun!!

Thanks for joining in and if you have ideas for this meme, please let us know!


  1. I wish fall would arrive for us, but that won't happen for a month. Do you get help with housework because of your back?

    1. No. I do it all myself and it isn't easy but, I do it!

  2. Wow, I just looked at my calendar, and you are right! Today is the first day of Autumn! That just snuck right in on us! It is supposed to actually feel a bit like fall here in Florida today. I am looking forward to our walk! A Cleaning routine is something I seem to be getting more lazy about as I get older. I do have a 'routine' of sorts, but when I get around to it. Usually realizing that company is coming gets me into high gear, so this week I need to get to work as we are expecting company this weekend. Even though I am sure having your dryer not working has its drawbacks, I love that you are able to hang out your clothes to dry, especially in the crisp fall air. Nothing smells better than clothes/sheets/towels dried on the line! I don't have one here at this house and I miss it. May have to add one eventually. I love your little sign above that says "I love apple pie". My favorite pie. My sister is coming for my birthday this weekend, and she is bringing an apple pie. I hope she will have time to make it from scratch, but because she still works outside the home she may have to pick one up at Costco and bring it instead. Either way, I don't mind. It will be good because we will be together. Thank you for doing these weekly memes. I'm sorry I didn't participate in this one. My cleaning routine is pretty boring and sporadic at best these days. Been thinking of hiring someone to help at least once a month for a more thorough cleaning job. Happy Autumn!

    1. With my spinal problems and my legs, it is difficult at best to get the laundry on the line. Very hard. I really need to get a new dryer. Saving up little by little for all the things I need and the list is long ;)

    2. PS I would love to have help with some of my chores but, not possible. Still I am pretty proud of myself as I do a good job and to me it gives a great deal of satisfaction. I also would be bored out of my mind if I didn't have housework to do.

  3. I loved your comments and questions today.
    Have a good Tuesday my friend.

  4. p.s. I love Apple Pie too, smiles. I always enjoy your answers, Annie. Have a beautiful day friend.

  5. pie...
    I'm always trying to find a recipe for a flaky crust...those lovely , perfect (to me !)crusts complete the whole sight/scent/texture/taste experience ! !
    Thank you for all you do for us !

  6. My husband puts in Oxi Clean in some of his outside work clothes. I do like the hard wood floors with large area rugs. I don't use a cart, everything is under the kitchen sink.

  7. So enjoyed this weeks questions and answers. Getting some good ideas to change things up in the cleaning routine.

  8. I have not seen oxydol in years. Is it even still made?

    1. Sadly, Proctor and Gamble discontinued Oxydol which was their best selling detergent ever and the brand that gave Soap Opera's their nickname! Too bad, Cheer, Oxydol are great products and I liked them better than Tide which is a bit harsh I think.

  9. You follow all those tips? Would you like a part-time housekeeping job? :)

  10. Our dryer konked out a couple omf weeks ago and we thought about buying a new one since it was 14 years old, But we tried the repair man first and were so glad we did.. He came in and replaced a switch that he said will most often go out... and the switch was like 15 dollars and 85 dollars labor. Still better than $700.00.

  11. My dryer is broken too. I love to do laundry, so I am not happy about it. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!


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