February 22, 2021

Moving.. Tuesday 4

Welcome to Tuesday 4 kept up in memory of our friend Toni Taddeo who began it several years ago.  She would be so pleased to see people keeping up with it!

Let's talk about moving today.

1. How far away are you from where you grew up?  Google maps says  63.9 miles  south of my hometown. It is a 1 hour and 7 minute drive north of me.  I grew up  a 30 minute drive outside New York City and even closer by boat. The 30 minutes is because of traffic.

2. Families sometimes move all over the country.Do you feel that a family should try to stay close together?

Yes, a family should try to stay together if possible. I am not sure a job is a good reason to leave a place. But close family ties should always have priority.

3. How many times have you moved in your life and would you like to share when and where you moved?

Not counting changing houses in the same town or area,  I have made 3 major moves...

From  NJ to Ohio for university..next major move was  to Utah.. then back to New Jersey

4. What brought you to where you are living now and are you happy there?

I ran away from a bad situation.  Am I happy here? Not completely.. but my family is here and I have learned long ago to bloom where I am planted. Its no joke to me.   I have lost everything I had 3 times in my life and I mean everything.

I have learned to appreciate what God puts in front of me from weather to homes to places to people.   I sing the praises of the winter storms, and the summer heat. I love being so close to the ocean.. when I lived in Utah, I loved the mountains and the desert and the 8 feet of snow.. I loved southern Ohio when I was there.. I would learn to love any place God plants me!                                     


  1. Oh, this is very interesting. I was thinking this was the linky for Tuesday 4, and then realized that this was YOUR post on this. I need to go look up the linky. Only three moves? Wow...that is amazing. I am sorry that your last move was not under pleasant circumstances, but I am glad that you were able to move back to where your family was. That is very important. I've lived far away from family and we also came back home and are so glad we did, but it was difficult because we left our son and his family behind when we moved. There is never any perfect answer in life. We have to do what we feel led to do and have to trust God for the details...He has never failed us. Thank you for doing the Tuesday 4 for us. Blessings to you.

  2. I am sorry you have lost everything. It is good that you are content where you live. I would love to live by the water, but it is way to expensive out here. We both agree, family is everthing!

  3. Sorry to hear you lost everything so many times! And yes we should be happy with what God puts in front of us. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Oh my, I am so sorry you lost EVERYTHING 3 times!
    I see you have learned to love anywhere God plants you.
    God has never failed me either.
    I always enjoy your questions and answers. Have a good Tuesday.


  5. So glad you have learned to be happy wherever you are. That's a very good thing. It's not always easy, but it is the best way to be. Have a great day Annie and thanks for providing us with these questions. I so love learning about our blogging friends.

  6. You're not to far from where you grew up. Glad you are safe and God takes care of us.

  7. So glad for this topic !
    Good questions...good answers !
    Sad when family is far flung , but , as a motto tee shirt says...
    "My Friends Are The Sisters I've Chosen" !
    I now have terrific sisters !
    As to one's place...each circumstance brings valuable lessons , specifically for us (and not always of our choosing !) . Our lives are an opportunity to learn and grow...to reach our greatest spiritual potential .
    What's challenging weather in the face of that !?!?
    Be safe and well , my friend !

  8. I love your attitude about blooming where you're planted. Often times we do have to do that. My thoughts are divided about where I'd like to live. I always wanted to live by the ocean but all the storms in Florida made me think twice. The mountains are also beautiful but the winters have been difficult for me. So, I just try to thrive where God has me.

  9. It's wonderful to live where one is happy. That makes me happy that you're happy. Your location is lovely. What a blessing!
    I've lived in a couple of places that were not good. Sure wouldn't want to return to that. Ever. Having Jesus Christ, Believers have joy all the time, of course, but it's also nice to be content with the surroundings and circumstances. The LORD planted me and Steve where for the first time ever we are truly happy. When I do the list of thank you's to God every day, one of the one's at the top is thanking Him for where we live. I tell Him I know I'm just "renting" this paradise until He calls me Home to His perfect Paradise. That is such a comfort to know that one day I'll dwell in His house forever because of the blood of Jesus and never have to move again.
    Blessings xx

  10. I hae always thought you to be a lady of strong, resilient fiber... able to make tasty lemonade whereever you are. I, too, am so glad you returned to be around your loved ones.. I grew up always trying to be my mother's best friend and being there on many occasions through the year. We lived about 100 miles apart. So I naturally assumed our daughter would be close and be around for family events. But not so and during this covid we only see each other through the computer.. learning to live happily with unmet expectations has been my bane in life..but now I can say Im accepting my life with an inner joy that comes from many new things!We ahve to make our own happiness and that generally comes from making others happy!

  11. I have been there losing everything leaving a bad situation. I am thankful for what Jesus gives to me on a daily basis

  12. I enjoyed moving around when I was younger and I am glad I did. I am back home now and even if we did move, we wouldn't move far. Loved your answers. Have a nice week.


  13. Been there, done that; cancer, stroke, open heart surgery, tornadoes, snow etc...the list goes on...and I am really trying to Bloom Where I am Planted. Love you Annie. smiles

  14. I love your attitude about blooming where planted!

  15. It is good to have a positive attitude as you do and be grateful for our families and our lives. God bless. xx


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