March 8, 2021

Travel Time

  welcome to Tuesday 4 and new questions. We continue this meme in memory of Toni Taddeo and hope you will enjoy it enough to continue coming back.

Lets talk about Travel...

1. How far have you gone from home and where did you go?    Utah is the farthest from NJ that I have traveled.

2. Do you think the hassle of travel is worth the trouble?  It can be if you like where you are going. If not, then it really can be a hassle!.

3. Are there places you would like to visit or have plans for visiting? I would love to go back to Niagara Falls, Prince Edward Island and Utah. I have no plans but I would love to go again . I also would like to visit Florida again for a week or so.

I would like to rent a big house on the beach for a vacation, maybe in Virginia or the Carolinas for a week.. have family and friends come along.

4. What trip was the best you've ever had?  Driving across the USA. Hands down it was the best thing I have ever done!


  1. That is cool that you got to drive across America. I hope you can go on another trip someday, maybe with your family. I like your picture on the right. You are very pretty!

  2. You are such a pretty lady.
    I enjoyed your questions and answers.
    I think driving across America would be great.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Love the new picture of you on the sidebar. You are so pretty, and we need to see you more often! Thank you for doing this each week. I haven't written mine yet and not sure if I will get to do it this time, but we shall see how the day goes. I haven't done much traveling except for our moves...that was enough traveling for anyone, with all our earthly belongings with us! LOL. Would love to drive across America...I think that would be a great road trip if I could afford to do it. I like your idea of renting a big house on the beach for the whole family to gather. That would be fun. I also would love to go to PEI. And if you ever DO come back to Florida, you must let us know! Would love to meet you in person!! Have a blessed and wonderful week.

  4. I would love to take a road trip from the start of Route 66 to the end... this would be so much fun!! Happy Tuesday!

  5. The farthest away I've been from Georgia is Hawai'i. I didn't like it. There were too many homeless living in the parks and all along the beaches. It's expensive there too. The natives weren't friendly either. I couldn't wait to get back to America. *grin* I much prefer the desert Southwest for vacations and/or Texas. One trip I wished we'd made while young is to hop on our respective two wheels and travel America, especially Route 66 in it's entirety. Too late now. Things ache too much.
    Blessings. xx

  6. I think road trips are lots of fun especially if you travel with someone who you get along with. I've been on several road trips with a brother of mine and we've always enjoyed. I hope you can take another trip or two one day.

  7. I love road trips, in fact we are going to start doing daycations :) My trip to CA though was one of the worse moves I ever made (LONG STORY) the scenery there was some of the pretties I have ever seen. We went on a whale watch and saw a giant pod of dolphins so cool

  8. I would like to see Niagara Falls. We drive through Utah when we visit our daughter in Montana. Yes beach house rental would be awesome! There certainly is a lot to see in the USA.

  9. although there were many trips to distant places , a TV ad for a contest served to crystalize my true longing . The contest offered $50,000.00 for your dream vacation . After much thought about destinations , I settled on my real dream vacation ! I would rent a little cottage on the seacoast , within walking distance of a deli and cosy restaurant , and stay there , quietly enjoying the sound and scent of surf , until the money ran out !!!
    Stay safe and well , my friend !

  10. Indeed, traveling by car is the best way. Smiles

  11. Oh yes to #4! I would love to do that.

  12. I'd have to add one place that I would like to visit - Las Vegas. Not for gambling but it would be fun to see some of the resorts there. I've only seen photos. I think that traveling by car is the best. You see more and you can stop whenever you want. Not a big fan of flying. I enjoyed your answers.


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