July 29, 2021


There is something totally American about eating in a diner. What do you think?


  1. There is a comfortable feeling about going to a diner...especially when you know you're hungry , but can't quite figure out what for ! The menus can be daunting in the amount of their offerings , but there is definitely something for everyone !
    If you are a frequent patron , the waitresses get to know you and your preferences...very much a "family" feeling ! It's fun to order breakfast meals for dinner and try (usually unsuccessfully !) to avoid all those tempting desserts in the revolving case ! There are a number of diners within driving distance here - sooo nice !
    What time to pick you up ??
    Have a great day !

  2. I miss those kinds of places. My hometown used to have a drug store downtown with a lunch counter/soda fountain. We kids would hang out there after school and have a coke and french fries or something else good. (Hot fudge sundae or chocolate soda). Although our current little town does have a family friendly restaurant and the waitresses get to know us and what we like and bring our drinks as soon as we sit down because they know what we like...(unsweet tea w/lemon for me, sweet tea w/lemon for hubby). That is nice.

  3. I agree...takes me right back to my childhood!


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