July 18, 2021

Let the Stealing on Sunday Commence!

Well Howdy friends! Its late Saturday night and a flood watch is in effect while thunder  rages on and rain falls heavily outside. 

But its time for Sunday Stealing with Bev who provides great questions each week for us to answer and think about.  Here is the latest....
Stolen from Thursday Thunks

1. Did you eat paste and/or glue as a child? No, I tasted it once but it was awful.
2. Look at the wall to your right, what is on it?  A heraldry picture of a family surname and a framed quote.
3. Do you put butter and/or salt on your popcorn? I put butter and Brewer's Yeast on it. Sometimes just a ton of rich, creamy butter all by itself. Never salt.
4. What does your favorite coffee cup look like?   It is a Hydrapeak 18 oz double vacuum cup in white

5. Would you rather have a pet hippo or a pet elephant?  They belong on their own.
6. Toilet Paper - hard, soft, extra soft? Charmin and only Charmin thank you very much.
7. Have you ever rescued/taken in a stray animal?  Yes all the time.God has sent a lot of dogs, cats to my house. Now, I have no animals except a pond full of big old gorgeous  golden and white carp.
8. If you realize your house is on fire while you are using the bathroom, do you wipe or just run for the door? Wipe and then the door.
9. Now, if you only had $10 to buy one thing, what would it be?  Some grocery items probably.
10. What’s your favorite type of potato?  I like super giant Idaho potatoes.. they are delicious!
11. How long do you keep unmatched socks before you get rid of them... and how do you dispose of these socks?    Socks are used for polishing and cleaning rags as are old towels, old tee shirts, etc. I do not buy paper towels as I find that wasteful.
12. What was the last thing you took a picture of?     I took a picture of a picture!  My first husband (who died) my little boy and my Arabian horse Pete (Petra Khan) I will post it here.  We had a bunch of horses: Arabian and Quarter horses.


13. Do you use a cookbook? Yes, if I need to but not too often. I've gotten some of my best recipes from great books.
14. Bottled or tap water?  Well water when I had my well open. It was pure and no fluoride  or any chemicals in it. Town made us switch to the horrible tasting city water.. big scam.. So, now I like bottled water better. My tap water has an awful taste to it. You have to wonder how much money crossed palms to make people close their wells down.
15. Do you like pumpkin pie? Do you cheat and buy a premade one or do you make it from scratch? Heck, do you even make pumpkin pie at all?     Yes, I've made pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving for decades. My mother made it  from fresh from the garden pumpkins, but I have always used the canned plain pumpkin.


  1. I enjoyed your answers today.
    I agree with your answer to #5.
    Have a great Sunday.


  2. There is something to be said for being with one's own . Humans can intervene in times of need , but not to keep something wild as a pet , I think . Elephants have much to teach us of family love and loyalty...on their terms...not ours .
    Wild thunderstorm last night...went on for hours !!!
    Hope all is well with you , my friend !

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers. I'll answer the last one. I have never made a pumpkin pie. I buy mine.

  4. This was good reading. Sorry I'm late. I'm hoping you are okay...no Tuesday 4 today...maybe you needed a break. I enjoyed the picture of your (late) husband and son on the horse. I guess I learned something else new about you from that picture. Also, I agree about well water vs. town water. We have town water here now too. I miss our well we had at our last house, even tho the water was sulfur water, it was pure and when refrigerated or boiled you never knew it was sulfur. This water here has chlorine/etc. and I do not like it. We have a filtered water spout on our refrigerator and that makes it taste better and I don't have to spend money on bottled water, although we still do because our son takes it with him to work. Anyway, if I could dig a well here I would. And you and I like our pumpkin pie the same...although I never had the privilege of having real pumpkins to make it from. I always used Libby's canned plain pumpkin, adding my own spices, etc. That's the best. Looking forward to pumpkin season soon. I've had enough summer already. I hope you are okay. Don't forget I gave you two sets of questions with that recent batch, if you need some new questions. Please take care and God bless.


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