July 25, 2021

Sunday Stealing

Another Sunday and stealing is on the horizon at Sunday Stealing and this weeks stolen from Face Book.

    Your favorite songs? There are so many but I do like the old songs like Sleep Walk.
    Your favorite bands. I used to like Bad Company,Gerry Rafferty, but generally I don't like bands so much as I like individual songs.
    Your favorite actors or actresses? I enjoy movies with Sandra Bullock, Bette Davis, etc.
    Your favorite books. I like the Agatha Christie books and the Spenser series on which the Spenser for Hire TV program was based.
    Your favorite movies. Moonstruck, You've Got Mail, Cosmopolitan, Zorro the Gay Blade.. etc.
    Your favorite TV shows   I am currently enjoying Kraft
    Your favorite foods/drinks. I like Greek, Mexican, British and Italian foods.
    Your favorite kitchen appliance. I think my new refrigerator.
    Your favorite animal.  Too many to name.
    Your favorite scents I do like Yves St. Laurent a lot.
    Your favorite things you do in your free time.. paint, play piano, watch a movie with a friend, go to the beach.
    Your pet peeves.. thick and stubborn people.
    Things you collect. Nothing anymore. I want a life free of "stuff".
    Things you like to swap. Nothing I can think of.
    Places you've been. The USA and Canada
    Places you'd like to visit... I am just not really interested in travel anymore.
    classes you liked in school.. anthropology hands down, and 2nd Chemistry.
    crafts you would like to learn I think it would be nice to learn to tatt like my mother used to do and to learn to make the round pillows she made with smocking on them.


  1. I never think of Greek when thinking of ethnic foods. I love Mexican, Chinese and Thai (we had a big Thai dinner tonight)

  2. Kraft? I will have to look that up. I hope you have a beautiful day, friend. smiles

    1. I didnt write out the whole name, its Kraft Suspense Theater . old TV
      programs on YouTube

  3. Beautiful header !
    Good questions !
    With summer upon us , I crave fried fish from a little seaside restaurant , in the cool of the evening , with salt air in the gentle breezes...with friends ,
    of course !
    Wishing you good health , peace and abundance , my friend !

  4. I don't collect things either, I already have enough stuff.
    I don't swap anything.
    Have a good Sunday.


  5. I am stuck somewhere in the middle when it comes to collecting. I would love to live in an uncluttered, everything-in-its-place home, but some things still draw me in. Books would be the main thing. I have a NOOK and a Kindle, but nothing is as wonderful as a book.

  6. Anthropology was such an interesting class, I did not get to take it until college though. Good choice! Loved your answers! Have a nice week.



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