Monday, October 18, 2021

October Tuesday 4


  Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4. 

This week, let' talk about October. Toni sure enjoyed facts about the months and questions on that topic too.

1. What are your feelings about the month of October? Does it bring anything special to mind for you? Do you have memories to share?

 I love October and November and December and September.. For me they are the most wonderful months of the year.   October reminds me of leaves changing to red, orange, yellow and magenta, honking geese flying over in formation.. the smell of leaves and backyard fires. October begins the time when a hot drink means so much on a chilly day and hot dogs out on the grill take on a whole new importance.  Autumn is my time of year and October is it's highlight.

2.Have you ever gone apple picking? Pumpkin picking? Any kind of picking including banjo picking at all? Do you bake pies with those fruits? 

I have picked apples from my own tree and pumpkins from my own patch. I have made pies from them for sure!  This year we had to cut the apple tree down as it became diseased.

3. What is autumn like where you live? How about when you were a child?  Autumn in New Jersey is  beautiful.  New Jersey is not what people think. It is a mostly agrarian state with millions of acres of forest, mountains and seashore.  In autumn the leaves are vivid reds and golds and oranges that blaze like neon fire. The reflection on the water is spectacular.  The weather turns chilly and the days grow shorter. Here, right on the very edge of America, we go dark earlier than the rest of the nation and the growing twilight is lovely as cars wend their way home after work. On rainy days the reflection of red and green lights in the puddle strewn streets is so nice to see.

4.Autumn is not the same as Fall. Fall is the time when the leaves are actively falling.  What activities of Autumn/Fall do you enjoy?  Do you decorate your door or home for the season?

I  have not decorated outside this year as I need a whole new roof and its a mess. I don't want to call any more attention the house than I have to!   Inside I have my lit pumpkins.. one of twigs and one a Jack O'Lantern in the window.


  1. Greetings !
    Wonderful post...poetic answers , especially to descriptive...beautiful painting of word pictures ! I enjoy hot tea and conversation with friends and all the
    One-Pot Wonders simmering on the stove ! There is a special spot for me that shines in each season .
    It is a quiet road , with high , over-arching branches (like a cathedral) . In Spring the branches offer overlapping , emerging new-leaf-green bits . In Autumn , those bits turn the deep jewel tones of emerald , ruby , pad parasha , canary diamond...gorgeous !!!
    Have a cozy day , my friend !

  2. Joined up with this Tuesday blog--loved your description of New Jersey, a place I've only driven through (on the turnpike of course). I think I would enjoy "your" New Jersey!

  3. I think I need to come visit NJ again sometime. We visited some of my husband's relatives in the mountain area of NJ many years ago, but I don't remember much about the area. We took a fast trip through Manhattan and went to a Yankee's baseball game, and those are the highlights of that trip. So I really didn't get a good look at NJ. You would make a great tourist guide person for your state as you seem to know all about its beauty and wonderful attributes. Thank you for sharing this part of your world, and especially in Autumn, with us. I do pray that somehow one of these days you will be blessed with a way to get that roof fixed. (((hugs)))

  4. Autumn, Winter and Spring are my favorite times of the year. Summers can be too brutal here in the SE Georgia, but we've learned to deal with it (thank you air conditioning! lol).
    I enjoyed your answers but wish I could do something about the roof situation. I pray it can be fixed soon.
    Blessings. xx

  5. Love your answers. The only place in NJ that I've been is Hoboken, when my daughter and I visited NYC and took the ferry across for the day. I want to plant my own pumpkins next year. I normally get free ones from my son in laws family's large patch but they may not do them next year.


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