December 16, 2007

Blustery rainy night !
quiet night

We are headed into winter soon. I can't believe how quickly autumn came and now its almost over, just as soon as you get used to it December 21st brings winter! We have already had dustings of snow, but not anything major . We don't usually get major snow storms here unles they come from the south.
Watched Smallville tonight and it was a silly but surprisingly entertaining episode. I am a relative newcomer to the show but, I do enjoy it. The complex relationships of Lex Luthor, his father and Clark Kent are intriguing. Lost begins again January 31.. ho hum. I am not sure how I feel about it now after they have been off the air almost a year . Are they that confident people would return?
I made this tiny snowman because I think they are so cute and I had to make him wave hello!
If you like him and would like to have him, just click here and he is yours for the taking. Right click and save him to your hard drive and you can use him anyway you wish. Add your name or a word or so, its ok
Well bed time for me. I made this animation and drawing in like 10 minutes so bed was delayed.
Nighty nite!


  1. waves back to the snowman!

    wow, only 10 minutes too

  2. I snitched the snowman! I snitched the snowman! I snitched the snowman! (yo tosses a snowball and runs)

  3. Glad you did!!
    people make snowball animations..tossing them, I have one on Passingstorm . I think its cute to pass these along and have people use them so we can see them all over the place.


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