Tuesday, February 20, 2024

First Things First

It's still winter and still cold out. I am enjoying the weather, the little bit of snow you had and the super sunny days that come afterwards.

First High Heels by Amos Sewell
Hello! It's a new week and another installment of Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4. I debated over the word episode and ended up with installment but I am still not satisfied. Oh well, here is is whatever it is and I do hope you enjoy joining in.

Let's talk about firsts in your life.

1. Do you remember your first pair of grown up style shoes, maybe high heels? How did that go?

I think so.  I recall wearing them in the 7th or 8th grade.  I believe my first pair were bone colored and were what they called kitten heels.

2. When was your first date and do you recall their name and where you went and what you did?

I was 14 and away from home with my friend's family. He was 17 I believe. No big deal, I was really just along for the ride so he would have a date. 

3. Do you have any memories of your first job?

Having to add up the totals in our heads and make change, having to understand Italian  to help  the little old ladies who shopped there.

4. What do you remember about your first home away from Mom and Dad?

My first apartment was my husband's apartment before we got married.  It was a nice big one bedroom in a lovely garden apartment.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Paper Dolls

Freezing cold this morning (Friday) and blustery but sunny as a summer day. We might be getting some rain of snow soon though.
As a little girl I loved paper dolls and I had favorites that I played with until they were ragged.   Now, I still play with paper dolls but the online decorating kind.   I like to play online decorating games.

  Paper Doll (1943)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune?     Hear it on YouTube Here  

1) The song is about a fellow who is exasperated by men flirting with his girl. Do you have a jealous streak?
No. I am not competitive or jealous and never have been.
2) He's blue after a quarrel with Sue. Did you exchange harsh words with anyone recently?
No. I was a victim of harsh words but, its never worth it to answer back.  A firm right cross to the chin is the best response.
Just kidding folks.. sort of anyway.
3) "Paper Doll" was #1 for 12 weeks in 1943-44, sold 11 million copies and remains one of the best-selling singles of all time. Had you heard it before today?
Yes, and quite often too. I've heard a lot of the Mills Brothers music.

4) As kids, the Mills Brothers worked on their harmonies in front of their father's Piqua, OH, barbershop, much to the delight of passers by. Do you often encounter street musicians in your neighborhood?
No.  Not at all.
5) The Mills Brothers were a long way from that street corner when, in 1936, they became the first African Americans to perform for the British Royal Family. It's about 4,000 miles from Piqua to London. What's the farthest you've ever been from home?
From one side of the USA to the other side. That's a long, long way! 
6) In the early 1930s, the Mills Brothers not only performed songs on radio, they sang jingles for Standard Oil and Crisco. What commercial can you recall having seen (or heard) lately?

This one on CBS Radio Mystery Theatre...  a 1983 Shoprite Commercial.   This commercial includes prices which might interest you! 

7. In 1943, when "Paper Doll" was popular, WWII was raging and the US Mint began producing steel pennies because copper was needed for ammunition. Do you have any pennies in your pocket or wallet right now? 
Yes.   I always have change in my purse.

8) Also in 1943, a bottle of Coke was a nickel. When did you most recently have a soft drink?

What was it?
I had a Coke Zero about 2 years ago now.  I don't enjoy diet drinks and although I used to adore Coca Cola and fountain soft drinks at the local soda shop , I really now crave my iced tea in summer.

9) Random question: Have you learned more from your successes, or your failures?
I've learned a lot from mistakes and failures I believe.

Tuesday 4 will be up tomorrow night.  Please consider joining in!

Friday, February 16, 2024

The Glory of Everyday Living

Each and every day has beauty in it. No metter the trials, no matter the place there is beauty surrounding you if you look for it.
It is not far from you .