Sunday, September 24, 2023

Favorite Things.

Howdy friends, its Sunday and time once again for Sunday Stealing.  We all know its not nice to steal but, for some reason, it is just fine and dandy on a Sunday and if it's hosted by Bev Sykes!

These questions are stolen from Pinterest:
1. what you did you do today?
It is very early on Sunday morning and so far I have started some Chock Full O Nuts coffee.. checked on Ophelia Storm outside to see what she has done and how bad the flooding is and then I sat down to do this meme.  Now, I hear that my coffee is done brewing so I will get up and pour some into my thermal cup and have something nice and hot to drink.   Its not the caffeine with me, its the hot.
 2.  What are the must-sees in your area?
The beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and  many of the pretty little villages and towns along the coast.
The Pine Barrens .. especially canoeing down the clear cedar water creeks there.
Cape May is well worth your time: a Victorian town, complete with horses and carriages.
 3. What is your favourite quote?
"Do not weary in well doing"
 4. What was the last thing you cooked or ate? 
Well.. just now coffee and yesterday I had Hungarian Goulash for a late supper.
 5. What is something you learned from your grandparents?
To be humble and religious.
 6. What makes you happy?
Being alive, being healthy, being pain free occasionally.
 7. What is your best travel memory?   Going to the Poconos in the autumn , going to Lake Placid and to Prince Edward Island.
 8. What’s the weather like today?    We are in the middle of Ophelia which can't decide if she is a tropical storm, nor'easter or a hurricane.  The wind if howling, raining has been falling for 24 hours, the coast is flooded somewhat and we have battened down the hatches for the duration.
 9. Share an interesting fact that you’ve learned.  
Some of the origins of American Indians.   That the religion of the tribes of South America was the exact religion of the Canaanites.
 10. What is your favourite book, movie or band!  No favorite band really.  All the musical groups have more misses than hits. I suppose You've Got Mail and Moonstruck are my favorite movies.
 11.  Write your favorite poem or haiku?
I used to do a weekly haiku here.  I will post some favorite.  I paired some ancient Haiku with my own photographs.
 The first is a little haiku about the death of a child. Since I lost 2 children, I was drawn to it's words.
The next is an ode to one of my little pond friends....

The last is a photo of my Sukkah.. and it was nothing.. it was everything.

 12. What is a local festival or tradition from your area?
Every Wednesday night all through summer, there are fireworks on the beach and twice a month there are fireworks and concerts in the  park.
 13. What was the best thing you learned in school?
That the only things worth learning were  readin', writin', 'rithmatic.  Shakespeare, Latin , French and Russian.  And, that Mr. R.  Chorney was a good man.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Answer the Phone

The Nor'easter/  hurricane / Bomb cyclone  is here in it's outer bands. Rain, wind, cool temperatures and it will get worse as the day goes on and into Sunday.
 I am joining in for Saturday 9 nonetheless.
"Welcome to Saturday 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!"

Saturday 9: Answer the Phone (2001)

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) This song likens a relationship to a roller coaster ride. When did you most recently visit an
amusement park?
It's been a long time. Not since the destruction from hurricane Sandy when the Seaside Heights boardwalk was ripped to shreds.

2) Lead singer Mark McGrath reasons that his girl should answer the phone because he knows she's home. That was decades ago, when most homes still had landlines. Where were you when you took your last call? Were you at home?
Yes. I was at home.  We always had trouble with our land line because being so close to the water, lines corrode and we never had reliable service at all.   My junky relatives thought I didn't answer on purpose but then they are junky people.
3) He remembers the glow of her face when he gave her a rose. Have you recently given or received a gift of flowers or a plant?
No, not in a long while  now.

4) Sugar Ray's debut CD was called Lemonade and Brownies. Crazy Sam admits she'd prefer milk with her brownie. What about you? Does the combination of lemonade and brownies sound good to you?
No lemonade and brownies does not sound good at all.   I'd prefer a cup of tea with my brownies.

5) In 2005, Mark McGrath was a guest judge on American Idol. At one time, Idol was the dominant singing competition show. Today, in addition to American Idol, viewers can also watch The Voice and America's Got Talent. Are you a fan of any or all of these shows?
No. I don't think they are as real as people like to believe.   I just don't watch TV.

6) Sugar Ray is a famous name in boxing circles. Sugar Ray Robinson and  Sugar Ray Leonard were both world championships. Are you a boxing fan?
Not a fan no but I do know that boxing is a sport that requires a great deal of training and they are great fighters.  I have seen street fighters take on a boxer and be very sorry they did!!
Looked for clipart for "boxer" found this.   

7) In 2001, when this song was popular, the Leaning Tower of Pisa reopened to the public after more than a decade of renovations. Have you ever been to Italy? If yes, where did you go? If not, is a trip to Italy on your wish list?

My family have been all over Italy but, no. I've never left the USA except to go to Canada.   I would like to see Turin and of course, my family went to Pompeii and Rome and I would like that also but I will never get to go.

8) Also in 2001, Liverpool's Speke Airport was renamed John Lennon Airport. Liverpool's is the first airport in the United Kingdom to be named after an individual. Tell us about something in your hometown that is named after someone.
Many streets in my town are named for people. A small park is named for a person too.

9) Random Question: Is the screen on your cell phone cracked?
 No, its in good condition.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Scene Around Town

So that senator who shall remain nameless can dress like old boomers  and bums do nowadays in dumpy shorts, Tee shirts and hoodies but if you go to the Senate to visit you must dress up in business attire.
The nation is going down the toilet faster all the time.  No respect for the halls of government, no respect for the nation being represented either.    Same with schools and houses of worship where God is supposed to be grateful that you even  grace him and show up in your shorts, jeans and old Tee shirts.
 Of course you have to dress up to visit the White House or the King. I guess they are more important than God.       Today you can go to worship, school, restaurants, etc. like you are going out to muck out the stables.    
 Here are some photos that don't have boomer bums in them....  

Taken last October