Sep 24, 2017

A Romance...

First, I want thank Toni for another Creative Adventure.
I just love them!

The European Castle...
Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Germany
...I have made this a romance...

1.   While visiting in Europe and driving along the country road you spot a famous castle that has long been empty. Excited you decide to check it out. Your curiosity getting the best of you, you drive through the large iron gates to the castle and get out of your car and walk past the large fountain in the court yard to the main enormous door and notice the huge door knocker.  You raise it up. It's heavy solid brass. You knock it against the solid doors and hear it sound within._
You'd been sent directions and an invitation to tea from Jack,an author you'd met some months ago.
The butler answers  the door and  leads you inside
You're thrown off a bit as it is Collier, Jack's butler and personal assistant.
"The master is waiting for you in his library," Collier says. 
Why is he grinning like the Cheshire Cat, you wonder.

2.   Entering the castle you are in a large completely furnished hall and a room with two large sliding doors closed on your right, a beautiful spiral staircase ahead and another room on your left also with closed doors. You decide to forget your nerves and follow Collier to the room on the right.
It is all very odd. What in the world is going on?
He slides back the paneled pocket doors and you see the lovely big room ahead of you.
It is a beautiful English style gentleman's library done in leather and wood. There are Scottish plaid drapes on the floor to ceiling multi-paned windows They are pulled way back allowing the sunlight to stream in across the polished dark cherry floors.
It is a man's room and the scent of leather and freshly polished wood fill the air. 
There is no frou-frou , the room is as straightforwardly masculine as the man himself.
Suddenly you realize that Jack owns this place. His little weekend trips to "over see some business" were the renovations on this place.
It was most decidedly his own now. Everything was so like him.

3.   Much to your surprise you find a beautiful tea set out in front of the fireplace. 
The master of the house is sitting in a large leather chair waiting for you. 
His smile is broad and welcoming. There is no mistaking that he is happy you have come.
"How lovely it all is" you say looking around the room.
"Good morning" he says. His voice is deep and warm.
"Good morning sir" you reply. You have known him awhile, but there is a formality you maintain with him. He is just the kind of man who commands respect above the ordinary.

"Sit down and have tea with me. Do you like the new house?"
"House? It's a castle!" you tell him.
"It's home now. What do you think of it ?

You sit in the chair opposite him by the fireplace whose dancing flames remove the chill from the room. He has placed a lamb's skin on your chair to provide you with more comfot. He has thought of everything to make you feel welcome.
Outside autumn leaves swirl past the window into a pile on the ground in a  pretty riot of color. 
"It's wonderful, Jack. Just amazingly wonderful." Your eyes never stop gazing around the room. It's hard to take it all in.
Your favorite current scones are piled on a plate, warm and buttery. On this chilly day they taste as good as they look and the tea is perfect, hot and steaming.
The conversation is light and sweet. He knows how to make you smile with his little inside jokes and teases. He always seems to know you so well.
As you round a corner he always seems to already be there waiting, so to speak. 
 When tea is finished  he becomes more serious and introspective.
"I have something I want to talk to you about."
"Of course" you answer.
"This house is for you. I couldn't live in it without you. It wouldn't have any meaning."
Your mouth is slightly agape and you can't quite take it all in.
"Do you know that I have fallen in love with you? Have you felt it?"
You want to answer but you have no words. 
 " I want to spend my life with you. I can't imagine a life without you."
 You loved him the moment you set eyes on him at the book signing for his latest novel.
And when he spoke you knew this man was not the ordinary. He was special. 
Tall, strong, handsome, capable, intelligent and rock steady, the attraction was quick for you. So quick it took you by surprise.
You had a million questions for him after his lecture and when others had left you stayed on to ask more.  Your interest in his work was genuine and he sensed that.
 But though you have been seeing him for several months now you never allowed the thought that he would love you to enter your mind.  You knew that you loved him though. At least you knew it when you allowed yourself to entertain those kinds of thoughts. And that was not often because generally you tend to steer clear of romance.

Your times together were wonderful and filled with everything from laughter to deep discussion. 
 You feel safe and fulfilled near him. He is concerned for you and your life as much as for his own and you appreciate his intelligence and quick wit. He is a solid, steady man of determination.
"Yes" you answer simply. It is right and there is no doubt. You've waited your whole life for a man just like this.

4.   Upon leaving and driving off, you know you will never forget this adventure and think to yourself that this was an autumn day you will remember as long as you live. 

I am happy to say, that, unlike a joking prediction, I did NOT turn this into 50 Shades of Goofy at all!    At least, I don't think I did. You might beg to differ but since it was written in less than 5 minutes,it could have become very goofy.
I think it is only about 10 shades of goofy romance at the most! ;)

Sep 22, 2017

Photos for Friday Foto Friends

Happy Autumn Friends

I  really like Friday Foto Friends and sharing and seeing other people's photos, etc. If you haven't joined in, you might really enjoy it and I am sure everyone would love to see photos you have taken or found.

I don't know who took this photo to give credit for it, but it was taken from a boat I know that much.  This neighborhood is one of my favorites as I love the boardwalk that goes along in front of the homes . It is such a lovely photo.

Taken off the back porch. A view of water and leaves

The bay. Tranquil but always in motion.

This photo above was taken by my friend Daniel.   It was a plain photo taken on a sunny afternoon in Central Park in New York.  I decided to spice it up (with his permission several years ago) and made it a dark rainy day. I added water to the fountain, lit up the lamps, added lights in the lamps in the park and in the building in the background.  I then added rain and lightning.
See? You can make photos anything you like  with Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy this first day of Autumn.

Sep 19, 2017

Hurricane Jose

Here is an up close and personal view of the edges of Jose as he makes his way up the eastern coastline nearing  New Jersey.  This morning he was off of Delaware and headed for us.
The wind is hurricane force but, since he is offshore it is not slamming us like Sandy did.
And, since our ocean temperature has dropped down to 69.7 degrees as of this morning, it does not fuel the hurricane.

The loop around is what worries me. Will it come in closer?
Long Island, which took a terrible beating from Sandy , like crossways right in Jose's path.
One town on Long Island NY was burnt to the ground, flooded and desimated by Sandy.

My chairs and glass picnic table outside are secured. The ponds are drained down to accommodate more water but my roof is bad from Sandy so glad this isn't as bad as it could be and I hope it stays that way.  As I said, that prediction of a loop around is what worries me.
The waves are not huge but fast, constant and very rough. The air is very foggy with constant rain. You know, 1 cubic foot of water weights a ton, so the pounding is significant.

Here are some rainy, foggy, rain soaked lens photos of the surf today.
Click on them to see them full sized.
camera lens wet and misty

surf is powerful and spreading up high.

Now this was a big wave! I would estimate about 12 feet over head. You see rain on camera lens

If I can get someone stupid  interested enough to go with me, I will go down on the beach and take photos.
In spite of my back I am still adventurous and I love to live blog these events as I did Sandy while I still could.