Jan 23, 2018


Rainy, dark, stormy, thundery days by the bay are interesting in winter. They seem out of place.
It is suddenly very warm, 58F, and unseasonable.
I opened the bathroom window and after awhile the house had a spring scent to it.  Yet, winter is only one month old!
Winter began December 21st and ends March 20th at the spring solstice. We do have a ways to go and I am in no hurry to see winter end just yet.

Today I thought I would do Toni's  Unconscious Mutterings.
She gives you a word, you reply with an association.
Here it goes:
1.  Train: Love
2.  Anxiety : Not worth it
3.  Wasted : Life
4.  Bread  : Rye
5.  Open face  :Sandwich
6.  Cheese : Swiss cheese
7.  Booth : John  Wilkes
9.  Line : in the sand
10.  Weird  : Tales
11.  Mattress  : Soft

Jan 19, 2018

Painted Newsboys

I am joining in Friday Foto Friends.
I have just 2 photo this week plus a post with some art I have been working on .

Night at the cove. Click to see full size
Salt marsh in winter

 Newsboys were an interesting part of American history.
They stood on street corners in almost every city in America hawking newspapers with their loud "Extra, extra. Read all about it."
Feb 3, 1908
They worked in all weather, all seasons and earned little money but did it to help out their families. Most kids gave their pay to their mother.

I drew some cartoon pictures of newsboys a while back and yesterday I spent the day drawing a news girl to join their little group too. I started in the morning, stopped to welcome the Little home from school and the next thing I knew it was dark outside.
I thought you might like to meet the trio.

Perhaps in my little fantasy world, they work for the fictious Bayside Evening Express (which never has fake news and is always just 2 Cents a copy).   It's nice to have a story to go along with paintings.
The three kids are children of immigrants who came to America in the late 1880's.
Shiobhan (sh-vawn, which means God is gracious and is an Irish name) is the new kid on the block.
The youngest child of the Keenan family who came to America from County Cork, Ireland, Shiobhan joins my other two newsboys, Daniele D'Allesio, whose parents  came from Tuscany,Italy and young Mike Bradshaw,whose parents came over from Birmingham, England.
I re-painted the boys which were originally posted on my other blog and Here as well.

Introducing Shiobhan Mary Keenan

Daniele Andrea D'Alessio

Michael Martin Bradshaw
The three kids have basically the same face shape but that is because they are caricatures.
There are small differences in coloring etc. but, I wanted to make them very alike to stress that we are family after all is said and done.

Don't forget to look at the post below this one. I ranted and raved and would hate to think it was for no purpose. So take a look at my ravings, okay? I promise I really am not mean.