Jan 14, 2017

Snowy Winter Evenings and Evergreens
Friday Foto Friends

Winter is my favorite time of year.
I love autumn with its glorious leaves and colors. I adore summer with the scent of flowers but there is something about the deep cold of winter that makes me happy.
I love the evergreens associated with winter and they don't have to compete with blossoms this time of year. They get to take center stage!
I love the wintery birds as well. The tiny black capped Chickadees and the Scarlet red Cardinals who flit around the property.

I especially love winter scents and evergreens like Balsam fir and cedar are favorites and I enjoy them in candle form.
Living  by the sea amidst  cedars and piney woods those scents surround me .
I think its wonderfully refreshing and restorative.
 Do you burn scented candles in your home?
What are your favorite scents ?
I am joining in Friday Foto Friends with Debbie.

Jan 11, 2017

Kitchen Goods
Home Keeping 101

Here are the staple items my kitchen always includes.  I try to keep them in the kitchen always.
It's been a while since I posted on home keeping and I got this idea from Toni's blog and thought, oh, yeah, I should do more home blogging.
So, here is an idea of what my kitchen looks like behind the cupboard doors!

Virgin olive oil
cooking pan spray
Irish oatmeal
chicken broth
bone broth
canned tuna
canned salmon
Italian crushed tomatoes( only those imported from Italy as they are super low in sodium)
Italian whole canned tomatoes and again only imported from Italy because they are extremely low in sodium and healthier than the American brands which I see as pure poison really.
Italian canned beans of  many kinds(white, pink, red, black)
German sauerkraut (I always have this in the house)
White flour
Masa Harina (Mexican corn flour)
Vidalia onions
tomatoes on the vine
Jasmine Rice and brown rice
Garlic bulbs
Baking soda
baking powder
spices including homemade taco seasoning
peanut butter
Kosciusko polish brown mustard which I go through like water!
Coleman's English mustard
White Balsamic vinegar
Organic Apple Cider vinegar
Louisiana Hot sauce
Penne Pasta
elbow macaroni
Teas and Coffee
Coffee Mate Powdered creamer

Cheddar cheese
Danish cheese
salad greens
left overs


Beef both ground and pot roast
fish : Cod, Flounder,Lemon sole,Salmon steaks,etc.
Polish Perogies
Frozen vegetables : spinach, collard greens, peas, carrots, mixed peppers, Brussels sprouts, string beans, Italian cut beans, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, broccoli rabe
I eat an enormous amount of veggies.

Spices I use a lot of:
Herbs de Provence
Saigon Cinnamon (in every cup of coffee along with Louisiana Hot Sauce)

What's in your kitchen?
I enjoy seeing how other women keep their homes and what they buy etc.  I find it so helpful.

Jan 6, 2017

Twilight Vignettes

Joining in Debbie's Friday Foto Friends once again with photos taken at twilight....
Tomorrow is the old Orthodox Christmas.
 I hope it is a great day. and It is also the Little's 8th birthday!

The twilight is sad and cloudy,
  The wind blows wild and free,
And like the wings of sea-birds
  Flash the white caps of the sea.

But in the fisherman's cottage
  There shines a ruddier light,
And a little face at the window
  Peers out into the night.

Close, close it is pressed to the window,
  As if those childish eyes
Were looking into the darkness,
  To see some form arise.

And a woman's waving shadow
  Is passing to and fro,
Now rising to the ceiling,
  Now bowing and bending low.

What tale do the roaring ocean,
  And the night-wind, bleak and wild,
As they beat at the crazy casement,
  Tell to that little child?

And why do the roaring ocean,
  And the night-wind, wild and bleak,
As they beat at the heart of the mother,
  Drive the color from her cheek?
                                                                  ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow