Apr 9, 2014

World View

Another meme.

As always I do hope you will take the time to join in the meme and let us all know a little something about yourself, your life, your likes, dislikes.
It gives something to blog about and helps build friendships.

 This week's meme is called "World View".

 1. What languages can you speak/read?
  I can read French  and biblical Hebrew. I can speak some French but not as much as I once could . In high school I learned Russian and read Crime and Punishment by Dostoyvsky in the original as well as Anna Karenina. 
 I have read some of the great French novels in their original as well,like Les Miserable. 
 I want to learn Italian

2. What countries have you visited?

3. Which places impressed you the most on your travels? The Rocky Mountains , Prince Edward Island and the Florida Keys

4. Have you been on a cruise?
  No, but I wanted to sail to Tahiti and Bora Bora as a kid. 

5. Is there a place you really want to see?

  Pompei, Cinque Terre,in Italy.
 Also Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England, Cornwall,etc.

 6. Could you live in another country? Why or why not?
  I could easily live in Canada.
 I like the people and the land is lovely.

7. Do you have family in another country? Do you keep in touch?

 I have family in Canada, Scotland, England, Wales, Spain and Hong Kong, China. We email now and again.

Now it is your turn.

Apr 4, 2014


     As you can see I am doing a little renovation on the blog using graphics by Cosmic Handmade.
 I love her art and thought it would be a perfect springtime look for the blog. I usually use my own paintings as headers and this one by Carolyn of Cosmic is an experiment for me. I think its adorable but unsure if I will keep using it or switch it out every so often as the days go by.  Anyway, it is adorable and I can see myself doing just this very thing on the pier.
 I was finally able to place a background image around the main blog and I separated the blog posts with a double border.  It had always given me a little problem but turned out it was simpler than I thought. After a bit of brainstorming I had a eureka moment and made it work.  Duh! It was so easy.
Also I put an icon by the post title and I am working on a few more additions.
If you have any graphics from your old sites that you would like to use two backgrounds on, I can tell you how most of this is done ( at least I hope I can). It requires some  monkeying around in Blogger.
This is still under construction so bear with me.

Last Sunday, which seems like yesterday, the Famous Anonymous and I went to see Divergent. We enjoyed it  a lot though it departs from the book as per FA.  I will have to read the trilogy now.
It is a fast paced movie with a lot of excitement and perfect for adventure lovers. It is rated PG13.

No plans yet for this weekend, but we are waiting for Godzilla to come to theaters. I am really excited to see that one!
What will you be doing this weekend?

Apr 1, 2014

Childhood Memories Meme

Wow, did we ever have rain by the bucket full. All weekend long it rained almost without stop.
 It was restful though, since it kept people indoors and quiet, dimmed the sky requiring lights through most of the day. Good napping weather.
Do you ever take a nap?
This morning was physical therapy and the sun was shining and the temperatures rose to a lovely and much warmer 54F.
I have been hearing the mourning doves a lot this year and there seem to be gangs of robins just hanging out on people's lawns in numbers I have never seen before.
 What is up with that? Whatever it is I won't complain because I love birds and love hearing them sing.

 Here is this week's meme and I hope you will join in and that you enjoy doing it.

                              Childhood Memories :
1 What is your most vivid memory from childhood? Or perhaps if none are vivid, what was your  happiest?

2 Did you ride a bicycle as a kid? Do you know the model of your favorite? What color was it?

 3 What games did you play outside?

4 Did you enjoy board games? What kind?

 5 Was there a special meal you liked for dinner as a kid?

 6 Did your family go on trips or vacations? Do any stand out in your memory?

Mar 28, 2014

Blogger and Gardening

Rhododendrens in front of my house in full bloom last Spring
No matter what I did I could not get Blogger to keep my password right and have had a terrible time logging in all week.
  Actually, I just really couldn't get into my blog at all. Here I am at now though.

Today is overcast and 63F after a cold and snowy week.  We might have rain but it is definitely forecast for the rest of the weekend.

 Most of the snow is gone now except in the shadiest of places and it was just a normal spring change-a-roo.
 Spring is notorious for changing her mind on a whim isn't she? I can recall snow flurries as late as the middle of April.
 Soon the planting will begin, though I will have to have it done for me as I can't do things like that anymore. I do have plans though and hope I can get help to do it all. After all this time indoors I just need a garden to escape to for the summer.
 I need the ponds looking good too. It would be such a lift to my spirit. I have large, and I mean huge overgrown pink rhododendrons to remove under the front bedroom windows of the house. They must be replaced too as they just grow extremely wide. They will cover the house if they aren't removed. Though I will miss the blossoms, there isnt any other way.
The pruning would be ridiculous and the bushes have pushed their way out 1/3 of the way across my large front yard.  Blossoming bushes are hard to trim correctly so that they look nice I think.

 PT is going great. I've been going since fall and hope to go all summer as well. I really do need it and am getting muscles!! Seriously, my legs were spindles and now they have calf muscle again and I am strong. My arms are getting strong as well. I love doing the exercises but they are not easy. Still when you were in a wheelchair for a while it is awesome to do anything while walking or standing up straight. I am thrilled. Each time I walk I get thrilled again. I am so grateful to be better now.

Rain is predicted for the weekend, but warmer temperatures.
Whatever your weather, I hope it is a lovely, refreshing weekend for you.
I will be back Saturday night or Sunday with another post and I will have a new meme on Monday.
PS.. decided to do Toni's coffee quiz (pretty accurate for me too):
You Are a Cappuccino
You're fun, outgoing, and you love to try anything new.
However, you tend to have strong opinions on what you like.
You are a total girly girly at heart - and prefer your coffee with good conversation.
You're the type that seems complex to outsiders, but in reality, you are easy to please