Doing Toni's Meme and One of My Own

Just a note... I am not able to comment on some blogs that are using Google plus comments. No matter what I do it won't take my comments! Among those are Lois' blog. But I am visiting and reading.
I've been under the weather this week but will be around to visit tomorrow evening.

Here is Toni's meme and mine follows:
#07 Vacation Preferences

1. Traveling by Air, Sea or Land?
I prefer traveling by car or train.
 I get sick on airplanes, especially small ones!
 I used to fly with student pilots (cheap easy way home from school) and had cornered the market on airsick bags.  The students had to stall the planes in flight and then recover..that didn't bother me as much as the up and down movement of a small plane. 

2. Hotel, Camp Grounds or Summer Cottage?
5 star hotel please. They get those stars for a reason!!
I have camped quite a bit but now I prefer comfort. 

3. Sightseeing, Weather Related Sports or Relaxing?
Sightseeing is nice. Relaxing is also nice.
 My days of ice skating and horseback riding are over.

4. Favorite vacation season?
I love the fall for trips.
Chilly, crisp air in the mountains is wonderful.  I also like the cooler days at the beach in September and early October.

Here is another meme if you want to join in.
Again, if you do, do it on your own blog, mention it here in comments so others can visit your blog!

 Summer Memories

Summer is the official time for the beach. It belongs to us I think like autumn belongs to New
Our bay
Our population more than doubles for the summer as people return from their Florida homes to NJ and north Jerseyites  (known as Bennys) and out of staters come for vacations.
Our beaches are simply some of the nicest anywhere.

 1. What thoughts come to your mind when you think of 'summer'?
Heat, humidity, beach, blue skies, balmy breezes, birds and sunshine.

2. If you could 'fix up' summer, make it perfect, what would you do?
I would do away with the extreme humidity and temperatures. I would do away with biting bugs  which ruin summer for me.

3. Which do you prefer---picnic or cookout?
cook out but, sometimes you can cook on a picnic too!

4.Do you have a special summer memory ?
  Coming home late at night from the beach with a boy I liked and wishing I didn't have to go home at all. The summer night breeze, the moonlight, the sound of the surf all linger in my mind from that day. It was a great day.
I really, truly liked that boy....sigh.
Also memories of being with my Daddy in Wildwood.

 5. How about a special summertime song?
I have a list of them!
Theme from a Summerplace.
Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts.
All Summer Long by the Beach Boys is a particular favorite
 Surf City by  Jan and Dean  (yes there is a Surf City in New Jersey as well as in California and yes, the surfing there is good!)    
Got a list of your own?

Have a glorious weekend.

Another Weekend and a Meme

After a very nice week we are headed into the weekend.
Yesterday got away from me as I had physical therapy and other things to do which took more time than I had estimated.
Some wasp bites made me terribly uncomfortable too.

 I promised a meme and here it is.
I should get a regular day for it as right now its pretty haphazard.  Toni has it down to  a science and I should get on the stick and fix a day etc.

Week End Doings

1. Do you look forward to the weekend?
No more than any other time   since I do not work. But seeing more family is always nice.
2. Are your weekends spent dashing around or is it a time for relaxing?
More relaxing as I don't work around the house at all and do my cooking ahead of time.
3. Ever take mini weekend get aways?
   As a kid Sunday drives were big for my family as my Dad had some time free then.
Used to try to go to Cape May for a Sunday drive. It is a beautiful Victorian town down at the very bottom of N.J.   Amazingly beautiful homes and a favorite vacation spot of President Lincoln and others . Still popular with tourists though it is not the only town with old  mansions along the seaside.
4. Do you eat more casually on weekends or more formally?
      more formally since it involves more people.
5. What is an ideal couple of days off for you weekend or not?
A  nice trip to the Poconos , New York mountain areas or upper New England is lovely in summer or fall and I never turn down a stay at a 5 star hotel. (Yes I am a hotel snob but there is a story behind that which I will relate one day)--  but I have not traveled in a while now.

If you decide to take part in the meme, leave a comment so others can visit your blog, read your answers  and get to know you! If you visit the other blogs leave them a comment so they can return the visit.  Get blogging going!

Make your weekend special whatever you do by savoring every minute life offers you!

The big back pond teaming with fish of orange , white and lemon yellow.

Hot Tuesday

Just got home from physical therapy, made myself a salad for lunch and a nice hot cup of coffee.
It is a very hot day today.  The sun bakes you when you stand outside.  My spine seems to enjoy that!

Here are my answers to Toni's Tuesday 4 Meme.

 What Are Or Is Your:

 1. Favorite Smells?      Cedar and Pine. My perfumes. Fresh laundry.

 2. Favorite View?        Trees in fall.  The Pocono Mountains, the bay and ocean.                                                                 Snow  falling on a cold winter night.  Sunset on the water

 3. Favorite Tastes?     Vanilla, Hazelnut.  Napoleons and Baklava... oh yum.

 4. Favorite Sounds?  Dogs barking in the night.  Chinese wind chimes. Trains and their whistles in the distance.   Wind through the trees in summer.  Wind howling in the winter.
Waterfall in the pond. 

Sunset reflections on one of  the  salt ponds by the bay.

Summertime on the Bay

enjoying the cove

Summer is in full swing and another July4th has slipped into history.
Sunday was spent ordering people around while they drained and cleaned out the front pond. I really believed all the fish in it were goners from the winter but , no, there were a few lovely white and a couple of orange fish in it and a passel of babies! 
 No matter what I do I cannot stop having fish breed.
 Others can't get them to and I can't make them stop! 

The cost to fix our little park on the bay is up in the multiple millions and so, since hurricane Sandy, nothing has been repaired except the bridge.
 I believe they will leave it in a more  natural state now with some natural style barriers  to keep back big waves and tide surges.
Generations have fished and crabbed here on the little pier that jutted out into the bay.
It is wrecked now.
It is a lovely place where you can see the barrier islands across the way and the giant lighthouse.
We swim there, picnic there, sit there and have coffee, pray, play games, enjoy and relax.

Our neighborhood is not rich. There are no fancy vacations here.  There are instead, days spent on the bay or the barrier islands on the beach enjoying the surf and sand. Yes, even in the cold days of winter though there are woods to tramp through as well.
Seaside people are diehards and our kids know every inch of the woods and the bay.

 Neighbors here are craftsmen, fishermen,tradesmen of all kinds.  We have carpenters, repairmen, plumbers, fishermen and salesmen. Our ladies stay at home  or work in shops or for the town as officials or office workers.

 We have two places that are nice and  within walking distance. One on the creek in the pine barrens and the other on the bay. A third place is a short boat ride across the bay to our ocean side.
We are hoping our little park will end up even better than ever.
I will post a meme on Wednesday  as the past week was just too full of stuff to do and got away from me.
Oh, and be sure to visit Toni, Melanie and Susan on the Virtual Blog Tour!!

The Cost of the United States of America

"Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor"

No nation is like her and her founders fully understood that.
 They understood it so well that they pledged everything to make it happen.
Lives, fortunes, all of it.    And, they stood behind it.
She has been, by the goodness of God,the only nation that has stood between freedom and tyranny.
 These are the heroes who pledged everything for the greatest dream ever seen on earth. It will surprise you who these men were and how much they sacrificed.
 These are the stories you never heard before and that I hope you will never forget.
So many men and women lost their lives to create her, to preserve her and for the freedom and rights that so many are holding so cheaply now.
 I will post a meme tomorrow evening. In the meantime, have a happy and patriotic Fourth of July.  Remember what it all cost.
 Pray for our nation.

The Signers from the 13 states:

 Delaware:      George Read • Caesar Rodney • Thomas McKean

 Pennsylvania :      George Clymer • Benjamin Franklin • Robert Morris • John Morton • Benjamin Rush • George Ross • James Smith • James Wilson • George Taylor

 Massachusetts:     John Adams • Samuel Adams • John Hancock • Robert Treat Paine • Elbridge Gerry

 New Hampshire :     Josiah Bartlett • William Whipple • Matthew Thornton

 Rhode Island :    Stephen Hopkins • William Ellery

 New York :     Lewis Morris • Philip Livingston • Francis Lewis • William Floyd

 Georgia:  Button Gwinnett • Lyman Hall • George Walton

 Virginia :   Richard Henry Lee • Francis Lightfoot Lee • Carter Braxton • Benjamin Harrison • Thomas Jefferson • George Wythe • Thomas Nelson, Jr.

 North Carolina :    William Hooper • John Penn • Joseph Hewes

 South Carolina:    Edward Rutledge • Arthur Middleton • Thomas Lynch, Jr. • Thomas Heyward, Jr.

 New Jersey :    Abraham Clark • John Hart • Francis Hopkinson • Richard Stockton • John Witherspoon

 Connecticut:  Samuel Huntington • Roger Sherman • William Williams • Oliver Wolcott

 Maryland:    Charles Carroll • Samuel Chase • Thomas Stone • William Paca

Benjamin Franklin was the oldest at 70 and Edward Rutledge the youngest aged 26.