Happy Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
 I am feeling a lot better, but limiting time on the computer as it was causing back strain.
 I will be back posting regularly after the holiday, God willing.
Thanks for hanging in there.

This song is about thanksgiving in a different way.  How you appreciate things only after they are gone.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Excuses, excuses....

Sorry for lack of posts and visits, but  knots and spasms in my upper back made me miserable for the last few days.
Typing is hard, so taking a break for the last few days.
Back soon!


Radio Daze

My Friday post was lost somewhere in the blog o'sphere never to be seen again! I will try re-posting it and I hope you will take part.

1. Do you listen to the radio?
I absolutely do.  I share radio here too up above on the bar which takes you to mystery radio.  I  really enjoy old time radio
programs, especially the mystery and detective shows.

2.  Do you listen in the house or in the car?

     In my home and on computer. But I have an old fashioned radio I love to use! But I like quiet in the car as I don't  think I need to be entertained 24/7.  I like the sounds of the outdoors more than radio.

3. What kind of channels interest you if you do listen?

     Online I am a big fan of OTR( Old Time Radio).   At home I used to listen to CBS Mystery Theater with E.G.   Marshall.
On my radio I like to hear talk radio.   I enjoy Curtis and Kuby on WABC because it is a balanced view. I also like hearing G The John Batchelor show at night.

4. Do you turn on TV or radio first thing in the morning?

  Sometimes. Mostly I read the news online first thing. I read news from the US and European and Asian sources.

OTR: The Whistler Episode

Tuesday on Wednesday

November brings on gales and nor'easters that shake the trees.
side yard
I can see the leave falling like rain outside the windows.

I am also joining in Toni's Tuesday Meme. Here are my answers:

 A Delight for The 4 Senses

  1.   I love the taste of…?
 After thinking this one over a bit, I realized that drinks are what I love the taste of most when I am really thirsty. Like iced tea or cold coca cola on a hot day or iced water or a cup of good hot tea or coffee.

2.   I love the sight of…?   the great outdoors

3.   I love the feel of…?   the breeze and clean linens. Soft sweatshirts.

4.   I love the smell of…?  Summer, Spring,  Winter and Autumn days or the wind off the ocean. Each season has a scent all its own and I can find something wonderful about all of them.

Thanks for another great meme Toni.

My meme will appear Friday. I should settle on a regular day too.  I am just too flighty latley I guess and that needs to stop.

Today is National TV Commercial Day .
To celebrate here are some of the best of the old commercials.
Do they bring back a lot of memories?

101 Cuties

My daughter's company held  a day of fancy dress and she and the ladies who work with her dressed up as characters from 101 Dalmatians.

My daughter is Cruella De Vil  complete with bathrobe fur coat and cigarette holder. The rest of the girls are the puppies.   Aren't they darling?

The costume idea came from one of the girls but I am not sure which one.
Update: The girl with the great idea was Meaghan, bottom row on the right. Cute puppy isn't she?

Though I have never met them my daughter raves about how wonderful and talented they are.
They are just adorable girls as you can see.