Mar 16, 2018

A Walk Through the Neighborhood

Let's take a walk around my area using photos taken at various times of the year.
Are you ready to go?
 Walking shoes on? You will need a warm jacket today as it is 38 F and windy out today.
 Remember, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb and along the coast it can be more windy than inland and the sea breeze is icy.  We will be walking through the seasons a bit though, so it won't be bad at all 😊

We will begin here  in my little neighborhood. and just walk along...

 Oops, better open the door so we can actually walk outside!
This is better...

Below, the Salt marsh flows into the bay

In the photo below,the open bay is just beyond the dark cedars in the background. The salt marsh is home to Osprey, otters, mink , deer and tons of soft little rabbits!

Above is a close up of the little meandering paths through the salt marshes. Phragmites is starting to grow.

I don't have a telephoto lens so the photo above is as good as I can do with my little camera.
You are looking at a little cove off the open bay and the buildings and water towers in the distance are on the barrier island with Seaside Park, Seaside Heights and Island Beach State Park.
Our towns ocean beach is over there.
I live here on the bay side. The ocean is just on the other side of the narrow barrier island.. It isn't  very far at all as you can see.
If the barrier islands breach, we'd have ocean front property or maybe underwater property.

Below is where the creek empties into the bay to the left.

What creek you ask?
This creek where Miss Little swims like a fish. It is crystal clear  cedar water.
The creek is brackish (part salt water) and its called cedar water because the cedars that grow along it stain the water the color of a cup of tea.

The creek is on one side of me, the bay on the other.

 In the photo below you see the open bay. Barnegat Light House is to the right, but not in this frame.

  Below you see that things look brighter in the summer time. Yes, on our walk we've moved through seasons! Amazing isn't it?

If you head straight due East from the shore here, where do you think you would end up?
It might surprise you that due east of New  Jersey is Brazil. Yup.  You can look it up and see it is not my idea, its a fact.   Greenland isn't huge as Mercator maps make it to be and Africa is absolutely super huge!

It's getting late so why don't we head  home now.....

I love how this photo turned out and its one of my favorites.

We can have a cup of coffee or tea if you would like.

Debbies Friday Foto Friends

Join in with us for Friday Foto Friends, won't you? Debbie is the hostess.

Mar 15, 2018

A Creative Adventure in Ireland

Toni has put up another creative adventure just in time of St Patrick's Day and I am joining in with this Irish themed fill in the blanks she has provided.
 You can try it yourself at Toni's Creative Adventures site.

1.   While walking in a countryside in Ireland, I see a strange green glow coming from behind a large  tree.

2.   Being the curious kind I decide to take a closer look at it and see that it is a lantern hanging from a limb of a tree.
Glowing fireflies twinkle around it flitting in every direction..They seem to light up the whole area.
It is fascinating and dazzles the eyes.

3.   Much to my surprise  I  almost sat on a Leprechaun as I bent to sit down by the tree to enjoy the firefly show.
 "Don't sit on me, girly!" he said shaking his fist and huffing with indignation.
I stood open mouthed and amazed at what I was seeing. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs. No change, the leprechaun was still there looking up at me.
"Well, are you going to apologize for nearly sitting on me, girly?" 
"Yes. I am sorry. Do you have a pot of gold?" I asked.
The question startled him and his eyes opened wide. His mouth opened and closed a couple of times, speechless. I had caught him unawares with that question.
He leapt up and broke into a run across the valley toward the mountains.
 I am not sure what possessed me, but I began to run after him, but he was too quick and nimble and disappeared into the evening mist.
It was no use to continue, it was getting far too late and I could barely see the path anymore.  
And, after all, I was only frightening the little man. He probably thought I wanted his pot o'gold.
4.   Deciding this must truly be a Irish fairy tale, I, laughing, thought to myself that what began as an average day turned into an adventure for sure.