Sep 28, 2016

Literary Pearls:
Anne of Windy Poplars

 On this windy . down right blustery, rainy September evening, I offer an excerpt from Anne of Windy Poplars by Lucy Maud Montgomery, hoping it will inspire you to want to read the book itself.
It is very light reading, nothing serious and a good diversion on rainy afternoons.

"Windy Poplars,
"Spook's Lane,
"S'side, P. E. I.,
"Monday, September 12th.

found on pinterest
"D earest,
Isn't that an address!
Did you ever hear anything so delicious? Windy Poplars is the name of my new home and I love it.
  I also love Spook's Lane, which has no legal existence. It should be Trent Street but it is never called Trent Street except on the rare occasions when it is mentioned in the Weekly Courier . . . and then people look at each other and say, 'Where on earth is that?' Spook's Lane it is . . . although for what reason I cannot tell you. I have already asked Rebecca Dew about it, but all she can say is that it has always been Spook's Lane and there was some old yarn years ago of its being haunted. But she has never seen anything worse-looking than herself in it.

"However, I mustn't get ahead of my story. You don't know Rebecca Dew yet. But you will, oh, yes, you will. I foresee that Rebecca Dew will figure largely in my future correspondence.
"It's dusk, dearest. (In passing, isn't 'dusk' a lovely word? I like it better than twilight. It sounds so velvety and shadowy and . . . and . . . dusky.) In daylight I belong to the world . . . in the night to sleep and eternity. But in the dusk I'm free from both and belong only to myself . . . and you. So I'm going to keep this hour sacred to writing to you. Though this won't be a love-letter. I have a scratchy pen and I can't write love-letters with a scratchy pen . . . or a sharp pen . . . or a stub pen. So you'll only get that kind of letter from me when I have exactly the right kind of pen. Meanwhile, I'll tell you about my new domicile and its inhabitants. Gilbert, they're such dears.

"I came up yesterday to look for a boarding-house. Mrs. Rachel Lynde came with me, ostensibly to do some shopping but really, I know, to choose a boarding-house for me. In spite of my Arts course and my B.A., Mrs. Lynde still thinks I am an inexperienced young thing who must be guided and directed and overseen.

"We came by train and oh, Gilbert, I had the funniest adventure. You know I've always been one to whom adventures came unsought. I just seem to attract them, as it were.

"It happened just as the train was coming to a stop at the station. I got up and, stooping to pick up Mrs. Lynde's suitcase (she was planning to spend Sunday with a friend in Summerside), I leaned my knuckles heavily on what I thought was the shiny arm of a seat. In a second I received a violent crack across them that nearly made me howl. Gilbert, what I had taken for the arm of a seat was a man's bald head. He was glaring fiercely at me and had evidently just waked up. I apologized abjectly and got off the train as quickly as possible. The last I saw of him he was still glaring. Mrs. Lynde was horrified and my knuckles are sore yet!

"I did not expect to have much trouble in finding a boarding-house, for a certain Mrs. Tom Pringle has been boarding the various principals of the High School for the last fifteen years. But, for some unknown reason, she has grown suddenly tired of 'being bothered' and wouldn't take me. Several other desirable places had some polite excuse. Several other places weren't desirable. We wandered about the town the whole afternoon and got hot and tired and blue and headachy . . . at least I did. I was ready to give up in despair . . . and then, Spook's Lane just happened!"


Sep 27, 2016

Presidential Debate
My 2 Cents

I   have seen better debates in high schools.

 Both candidates are childish.
Sorry but neither one is all that bright. Both are a bit self absorbed.
Both put money before all else.

The moderator was biased and the whole thing was a non event.

I guess the days of real presidential candidates is over.
You know the founding fathers did not want political parties at all. They wanted only people whose sole concern was the nation's welfare but political parties appeared almost immediately and at that point elections became very dirty with a lot of character assassination  and underhanded shenanigans.

Poor America.

Sep 25, 2016

Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon:


63 F
Wind Speed: 25 knots
Wind Direction: Out of the north
Condition: Over head
Ocean Temp: 73 F
Wave Height: 14 ft (pretty big!)
UV Index: 7

Today's Plans:

A bit of this and that around the house and some simple pond maintenance.

Hazelnut Coffee with Powdered Creamer, no sugar.
Hoping to get some pumpkin spice flavored coffee for the fall.

 Dinner Plans:
Simple grilled hamburger and veggies.

Listening to:
Kids playing outside... happy noise
Old Time Radio

Just finished Truly, Madly Manhattan by Nora Robertson for the 2nd time.

Thinking about:
How much I love having kids around.
I love the energy, the simplicity, the honesty, the love.

What did you do today?

Sep 23, 2016

Friday Foto Friends
and a difficult week

stirs up strife
  but love covers all wrongs
..Prov 10:12
On Wednesday my oldest daughter was returning from a business trip to New Orleans and today she is leaving for Oslo and then London.
That same afternoon my oldest son called to tell me his Dad had passed away from a bad bout with pneumonia. We had thought he was healing but he took a bad turn on Wednesday and was gone suddenly.  The body can only take so much.
It hit me harder than I can tell you...I almost fainted on hearing the news... because I always held out hope for him to come back to his senses and seek the family he had thrown away for another.
It was a complete fantasy, of course.
It never happened and he had no part in his children's lives choosing someone else's children to be with instead.
In life we often grieve for what never was and what we hoped might have been.
So, it has been a hard week for my kids even though he was a non-presence in their lives growing up and never saw them or  really seem to care to.

I remind my children that decisions people make sometimes are hard to understand but I suspect that some people's own background cripples them in some way making it hard for them to do what it right at times.  It isn't an excuse, but it is a reason.

We all make mistakes and wrong choices and I believe we must be compassionate and understanding of one another's weaknesses and ready to forgive.
So we choose to remember the good times. The happy times, the laughter and the love.
 After all, isn't that what we all be remembered for the good we have done and to have the rest cancelled out?
No person is all one thing. No one is simply one kind of personality type,etc.  People are intricate and complex and thank God for that.
Each person is unique and special beyond words.

Photos for Debbie's Friday Foto Friends:
and each photo can be clicked to enlarge to full size.

Family dinner....

Portrait of an afternoon visitor:

Raindrops on the Bay:

Sep 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday Memes

am thankful for good ideas from friends on this Thankful Thursday.

Memes are a great deal of fun and a great way to learn about fellow bloggers.
Toni and Mary both posted some this week and while I am late to the party maybe it's better late than never.
From Toni:
Favorite Outfit to wear:   Something cotton ! I love tee shirts, sweatshirts etc.
On very cold days I like to wear a button down Oxford shirt with a crew neck sweatshirt or sweater.

Favorite hair color and style:
My hair is light blonde but I sometimes like it dark brown too. As a kid it was pale brown-blonde  with a lot of blonde going on.
My favorite style is a bit longer than chin length and a razor cut bob.
Here is my hair short and longer:

Do I actually wear wigs?  Yup, I sure do! I wear colors and styles that match to my own hair perfectly.
Well,mostly. I do change up to dark auburn from time to time ;)
Does anyone realize I wear wigs?
Nope.        No one can tell, but now you know and that's okay.

Favorite shoes:  Always  been Bass Weejun loafers, Puma running shoes and Indian made moccasins.  Because of my spine I can't wear high heels and flat shoes feel best.

Favorite way to relax:   Being outside!  I love going to   sporting events too.

From Mary's blog:

What celebrity do you get mistaken for?

What do you want to be when you grow up?    A good person.

When you have 30 minutes of free time how do you pass the time?
Sitting outside or reading blogs.

What would you name your autobiography?
"Dancing in the Rain"

What songs are included in the soundtrack of your life?

Morning Rider on the Road sung by David Cassidy

On and On by Stephen Bishop.

Carolina in the Pines by  Michael Martin Murphy.

Thanks Toni and Mary .