It's Raining at the Bay

Rain, but no thunder storm.

I have missed the sound of thunder approaching from the distance.  It makes only rare appearances in winter.
It comes rolling along the sky like a bowling ball.

The bay puts on a gray face when it rains reflecting the color of the sky and clouds creating a sad, somber look.
Inside Garfield and I are warm and cozy , he in his fluffy comforter bed and I at my computer sipping creamy coffee.
All you can hear is the steady drumming of rain on water and the chimes that sing in the light breeze.
I bought some handmade chimes for 'a song' at Home Goods.
How sweet the sound.
There are sounds I so enjoy like chimes, gulls, waves, breezes through the trees, rolling distant thunder... lovely.

Are there sounds you like to hear? 

Blankets & Beavers

A little while ago I made this full size bed afghan for the Famous Anonymous.
I had begun one all in pink for her little sister but never got it finished because I had to get surgery on my spine.
I have still not been working on it.
 So, I gave the little another one that I had made in two complimentary shades of pink in the same style as this one, long ago.
I had wanted to finish the newer one and give it to her, but the one she got (which was not new) is now too loved to be set aside and gets used every night.

The famous anonymous kid also uses hers every single night  as well as one I had made for her when she was a brand new baby.
 Isn't it great to see the things you make appreciated?

I had a run in with Mr. Beaver this morning.
I open the sliding glass doors in the kitchen to let the cat (21 years old this year) sit in the sun and get fresh air.
Suddenly Mr. Beaver came ambling across the outside step, not noticing us at all.
Now, Mr. Beaver is not a beaver at all but a ground hog who lives under the back shed. He was named Mr. Beaver by my daughter who had a chance encounter with him when she was in the 7th grade.
She attended a religious school and got home a bit later than the other kids in the neighborhood. She would come in the back door.
One day she ran into Mr. Beaver(probably an ancestor of this one) who was eating left over Ziti from the garbage can. 
His face was covered in tomato sauce. He screamed...she screamed, they ran in different directions and he ended up being called Mr. Beaver.
"A huge beaver just tried to attack me . He was eating Ziti!"
At one point there were babies and they would romp in the cute and cuddly looking.
This morning was the first time I have seen him/her in a while.


Tuesday afternoon by the ocean.
88° F  wave height: 3 feet, calm.  

Morning by the Water

Spring is now in full swing and temperatures are climbing.
Here is an early morning view of the bay.

Bartolomeo Cristofori and the Piano

Thank you for inventing the piano, the grande old lady of music, who, next to the pipe organ is the most beautiful instrument ever! I love my piano and don't know what I would do without it.
Bartolomeo Cristofori was born in the Republic of Venice in Padua and was an instrument maker to the De Medici family.     He is credited with inventing the piano.
What an invention!
From Wikipedia:
 Probably the most important event in Cristofori's life is the first one of which we have any record: in 1688, at age 33, he was recruited to work for Prince Ferdinando de Medici. Ferdinando, a lover and patron of music, was the son and heir of Cosimo III, Grand Duke of Tuscany. Tuscany was at a time still a small independent state.

It is not known what led Ferdinando to recruit Cristofori. The Prince traveled to Venice in 1688 to attend the Carnival, so he may have met Cristofori passing through Padua on his way home. Ferdinando was looking for a new technician to take care of his many musical instruments, the previous incumbent having just died. However, it seems possible that the Prince wanted to hire Cristofori not just as his technician, but specifically as an innovator in musical instruments. It would be surprising if Cristofori at age 33 had not already shown the inventiveness for which he later became famous.

I have a little baby grand that has gotten a lot of use.
My grandmother was a piano teacher and professional organist who played for many organizations and religions.
 It helped keep her family going during the depression when jobs for women were hard to     come by.
Now both the little and the famous anonymous are playing.
I began to imitate my grandmother on the piano, an upright grand, at 3.
Famous anonymous kid has been playing now for 10 years and the Little began at age 6.
Both my mother and father also played piano .
Do you play piano or another musical instrument?
I would love to hear about it.                                

And then......

And after they returned from Italy, they did this:

The video was made by Popcorn Park Zoo in Ocean County, New Jersey a place of compassion and hope for animals without homes. They have all kinds from dogs to African lions! They were so happy that a family wanted to adopt these brothers who seemed un-adoptable.
After Daisy passed away there was a hole in everyone's heart. No one can replace anyone else. When my oldest child passed away people told me I could always have more kids. Well, I did have more kids but they don't replace children you have lost. People mean well. They are trying to comfort you as best they can in a bad situation. But you cannot replace one person with another. You cannot replace pets with any other animal either since every being has their own personality. All living things are unique and irreplaceable. But love is something you cannot have enough of and it is something meant to share. The boys are very sweet and gentle and very welcome.

Home Again & Italy Photos

They are home from Italy and back in their routine.

They had a wonderful time and didn't want to come home so soon.
I am sure if they can they will return again.

she loved Florence where this photo was taken

Of all the things the little one loved... the top of her list were  marionettes in the square in Florence (She adored them!) and feeding pidgeons!

These are just a few of the hundreds of photos they took.

Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence

They got a nice photo here

  Herculaneum with Mt. Vesuvius 
 taken from the train on the way to Pompei

Florence from the roof top

From Italia with Love....


This photo was taken by the famous anonymous kid in Rome.
I like the contrast of the harshness of the  buildings with the gentle blossoms which seem to overcome the buildings  and promise better things.
 She seems to have a good eye for composition in photography.

They landed in Milan then took the
train to Florence.
Then onto Naples and Pompei, and back to Rome.
When they return, I hope they share more photos.

They all speak a bit of Italian so getting around has been easy for them.