Visiting Bertram's Hotel

Inside, if this was the first time you had visited Bertram's, you felt, almost
with alarm, that you had re-entered a vanished world. Time had gone
back. You were in Edwardian England once more."

Chapter 1, At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie

This book is a good read on cold winter's nights and the movie is available to watch online too!
The plot is very interesting.

Tuesday Freeze

The bay is frozen over with sub zero temperatures and we have snow all around and still coming down intermittently.
Hard to believe that spring is not far off but it is like this every year when the worst of the winter weather occurs from  January  until early March.
My daughter just returned from a week in Oslo where she was representing her boss at a series of company meetings at their corporate headquarters.
Long flight, but Norway was far warmer than here so she was enjoying the tropical heatwave in Oslo!
The flight to Oslo goes over Greenland and just off the coast of Iceland too.

Tonight is Pretty Little Liars with my girls. I am looking forward to it.

Au Revoir,
Miss Marple

Geraldine McEwan has passed away, and it is
a loss for Miss Marple fans though she had retired some time ago.
I think that for Agatha Christie fans Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot,etc.  are more than just characters in a book, they are representative of a different time and way of life.
Her son Greg and daughter Claudia said in a statement: "Following a stroke at the end of October and a period in hospital, Geraldine McEwan passed away peacefully on January 30.
"Her family would like to thank the staff at Charing Cross Hospital who cared for her incredibly well."
Actors she worked with during her career included Laurence Olivier and Kenneth Williams.
She was born in Old Windsor, Berkshire, and married Hugh Cruttwell, a former principal of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1953. The couple had a son Greg and daughter Claudia, and she did not re-marry after Mr Cruttwell's death in 2002.
As well as starring as the spinster detective Miss Marple in 12 television episodes for ITV, she also appeared in box-office hits such as Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves in 1991, which saw her play evil witch Mortianna alongside Kevin Costner.
The actress, who was born Geraldine McKeown, also won awards for her theatre work, collecting two Evening Standard Best Actress Awards: in 1983 for The Rivals and in 1995 for The Way Of The World.

Margaret Rutherford, Helen Hayes, Angela Lansbury, Joan Hickson, and Julia McKenzie all were Miss Marple.
Only Julia McKenzie, 70 and Angela Lansbury, 89 remain.
Who else could fill Miss Marple's sensible walking shoes and floppy hat? Can you think of anyone?

It seems like the passing of a better age.

Blizzard of 1888
(reposted from 2010)

We thought we had a snowy winter?

These photos and illustration are from 1888 when the Great Blizzard hit the east.

Most of these photos are taken in New York City at the time.

Amazing amount of snow.

Look at this lady standing by a tunnel shoveled out of the snow drift!
Imagine that.

She looks pretty pleased with it , pleased enough to want her photo taken in front of it.

Faces of busy, tired fellows.
Handsome fellows ...long gone now.
What a job they had before them.

♫ ♫ ♪ ♫
♪ Dashing through the snow in a two horse open sleigh.♫ ♪ ♫
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♫

right past F.J. Kaldenberg's
221-229 East 33rd St,
New York, NY... pipe manufacturer and maker of the famous Meerschaum pipe!

Police still ride horses in NYC. They always used to ride Morgans.
Look at all that hand shoveled snow!

They used to burn holes in the snow when it was too deep for shoveling.

Wires down. So many.

My mother used to collect the glass pieces that were on those telephone
poles to the left.

The glass toppers look nice in windows.
I found this color photo of the glass telephone pole toppers on the internet.Its not my photo and I don't know who did take it. While I think of it, scroll back up and have a look at the gorgeous street lamps on the open sleigh photo. Imagine them lit up by gas in the evening.


Back and Back in Time

I was fighting off the flu. I never got it fully but it left me super tired. I seem fine now, but then my computer decided to go wonky and needed work. After a lot of fooling around it seems to be working right now, we will see how things go.
I am sorry for my absence and missed visiting around very much.

I found this old supermarket advertisement and enjoyed seeing the prices so much.
I also found a wonderful home for sale in my home town  just around the corner down the block from our old house  and   if I could buy it just for the wonderful 1950's tiled bathroom I would.
 I really like older  kitchens and bathrooms.

Just look at these prices from 1961.
Everything today is inflated badly.
You can enlarge the picture to see it better.

The entry of the house below is exactly like my parents house and our home was just around the corner from this one which I found up for sale!
 I would be living in my parents home now but was forced to sell it.   A very sad time for me. I would love to be there again.

The hallway next to the stairway leads to the kitchen and this photo is taken from the living room.
Our living room and dining room were almost exact except that we had french doors to the porch on the front wall. My Mother thought they took up too much wall space. The room is not large but the ceilings were high.
These homes had porches on the front and ours was enclosed in glass.
My father ran glass shelving around the windows for my mother's African violets and etc. It looked so nice.
These are not big homes  but they are Victorian and very charming.  They are long and skinny. 
My parents paid $5,000 for their version of this house.  In those days you could save up and pay cash for homes.
This photo makes me nostalgic for home as it is exactly the same except for the door.

Only thing I would change is the vanity and sink.  Its too new looking. I would prefer the original.  These bathrooms were fit in wherever they could find space since the homes were built before indoor plumbing caught on.
In our house the bathroom was half this size!
 The kitchens were itty bitty but had a little butler's pantry and a summer kitchen off the back of the house.

I will be around to visit shortly.

Winter, a Blast from the Past

All of a sudden winter has come to the tiny town by the bay.
No fishing boats went out today because it is too windy and the bay is frozen in spots.

All night long the wind howled like a freight train through the forest.
Snow came down like a wet, heavy blanket covering the sandy little village on the bay.

Even the birds which frequent the feeder are bundled up today.
There is  a regular group who come. 
 I call them "the minyan" since they congregate three times a day to sing and eat, morning, afternoon and evening.
They never miss a day, summer, winter, spring or fall. Chickadees,  Cardinals, all of the winter birds were out  this morning braving the stiff winds and deep snow on their bushes and chalet feeder.
The little stray cat , who lives under the house and has adopted the dog as her very own came to the door seeking refuge and I let her into the laundry room to warm up for a while..since the other two won't hear of her entering their domain. But its warm under the house and she also has a nest in the wood pile under an old pond shell complete with bedding so she will do okay til I find her a family to take her in.

The great thing about today is that the sun is sparkling like mad on the snow and water sending rays down that explode back up like dazzling diamond ! 
Every color of the spectrum skips over the surface  delighting the eye. 

Another gift, another day.

(this post first appeared on another blog I had a long time ago)

Day Book Entry

Day Book entry for Monday:

Outside my window:  The temperatures are icy and rain is falling down into the ponds and bay.    It's dark outside and dinnertime for most.

I am hearing:  Wind coursing through the pine and cedars, rain falling in the ponds. Gentle little sounds from a sleeping cat.

I am wearing: An over sized soft Rutgers University sweatshirt.
It is soft, warm and cozy on a cold winter day.    Also wearing my Indian moccasins. 

I am thankful for: Good central heating that keeps the house evenly warm and cozy on the coldest of days.

I am reading:  44 Charles Street, by Danielle Steele for the second time.

A magical transformation takes place in Danielle Steel’s luminous new novel: strangers become roommates, roommates become friends, and friends become a family in a turn-of-the-century house in Manhattan’s West Village.

From the kitchen:  Chili made with left over roast beef, served over smashed up baked potatoes.

In the learning rooms:  I am studying Proverbs. 

I am working on: getting the house organized. It is slow going as I am not able to do much really, but things are coming along nicely.

I am hoping:  For people to really love one another as they should.

I am creating: A neatly organized and inviting home. It is always my goal.

Around the house: The cat is nestled in his chair dreaming quietly, I am at my computer updating and writing.

Plans for the rest of the week:  Grocery shopping and a trip to Home Goods for a lamp and to look around.

 Picture thought:

Cozy Cottage Night

Winter evenings
can be so cozy and warm.