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Summer Thunderstorms
The Sounds of Summer

Wind Speed: 15 knots
Wind Direction: Out of the south
Condition: Chest high
Ocean Temp: 75 F
Wave Height: 3 ft
UV Index: 9

Storm, thunder and lightning bolts greeted the morning here and went on for a long while.
It is sunny right now and hot but Mr.Weatherman promises more storms as the day goes on.
I can hear rolling thunder off in the distance.  I love that sound if I am safe inside at home.

The stormy sky

Isn't it interesting how sounds and smell can trigger feelings in us?
I find comfort in thunderstorms, the scent of cedar and pine in the woods and the salty air.
The sounds of dogs barking in the night, carousel music and lawns being mowed are all happy sounds for me.
The  clank of the rigging on a sailboat as it hits against the mast... heavenly to me.
The scent of violets and lily of the valley.
Gas lamps glowing on the street, house lights reflecting  off the docks into the water.
Lightning bugs (fireflies)  at night, cicadas in the heat of the day, peepers(tiny tiny frogs) in early summer.
The call of seagulls dipping and diving on the wind.
The splash of a fish as it breaches the water and the gentle rustling of the wind through the trees on a lazy summer afternoon.

What sights, sounds and smells  bring up feelings or memories for you?
Why don't you post about it and let us know!

Homemade Ice Cream

outdoor cafe, Rome

My family is in Italy for a while stuffing their faces with Italian food and enjoying Rome.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am dreaming of ice cream so I made this graphic recipe .
I have cross posted it at the blog for my  Rock & Roll Cafe where we serve up the best food in the world.
You gotta have ice cream at least once each summer.
As a kid we had homemade ice cream in home made root beer.
Now that is real living!

Friday Foto Friends

Another week draws to a close and another chance to enjoy all the lovely photos on Friday Foto Friends.
If you've not joined in yet, you really should. It is a chance to meet new people and see what they have to say and show you.  There are some gorgeous photos too.
You can join in at Debbie's blog.
Here are some photos of my own.  
You can click on them to enlarge.

I said I liked perfume. See....

There are some old Avon scents, Cotillion and Here's my Heart, Paris by Yves St Laurent, Red Door, Chloe, Obsession, Pheromone , White Shoulders,  5th Avenue, Red Door Revealed, Wisteria , Yardley's Lotus, Victoria, Chantilly, Can Can,Pink Innocencia, Longing and Tabu, and Nanette.
 There are more in a drawer.
 Yes, I really do love the stuff.

This is not enhanced. The water really is that blue when it reflects the sky. I love it!

All is calm