Oct 26, 2016

Some Fun Stuff


 he Austenite Prayer:
 Lord, Grant me the good sense of Elinor, 
 the patience of Anne, and the wit of Elizabeth.
 But mostly, please grant me Mr. Darcy.

I found various questions on the net that look interesting and decided to blog my answers.
Want to join in?

1. Have you ever fell for someone you didn’t expect to?

2. Don’t tell me lies, is the last person you texted attractive?
    Gorgeous! It was my daughter.

3. What are your favorite  TV shows?
     Rosemary and Thyme is a current favorite.
     Perry Mason is great.  I love Poirot and Miss Marple series too.

4  Do you believe in God?

5. Where do you buy groceries? Why?
Shop Rite because it has good prices is clean and neat and is very close to me.
I used to shop at the A &  P. I loved the British foods they had available.
When I lived in the west I shopped at Alberson's and Alpha Beta.

6. Can you taste the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi?
Yes absolutely. Pepsi is far sweeter. Coca Cola has a snap to it.

7. What’s the oldest thing that you own?
   An inlaid  table and 2 Victorian velvet dining chairs  that are over 160 years old.
They were my mother's and were last recovered when I was a child.  They need to be recovered again as they are very faded now.

8. What is the most interesting piece of Trivia that you know?
The Lone Ranger's nephew's horse's name!
( Victor )

I hope you will join in and answer these questions on your own blog.

Oct 24, 2016

♫Autumn in New York ♩ ♬

favorite quote from "You've Got Mail".
The screenplay by Nora Ephron had 
so many quotes that just seemed to come straight out of my head.
So, I cobbled together a little graphic.

Oct 21, 2016

Friday Foto Friends # 50

Once again I am joining in with Debbie for Friday Foto Friends.
It's a wonderful and refreshing way to get away from it all and see some lovely scenery.
We've been very warm for this time of year.. too warm and it has been terribly humid too but temps are supposed to return to normal soon.
It can't be too soon for me.
We had sunny skies for most of it but rain very early today and a storm the other day as well.
Here is a photo record of those days...
as always, you can click to see photos full sized.

looking out to the open bay

 Leaves are beginning to change color little by little.

Peeking out into the woods  behind me.

Pines, swamp maples, scrub oak and holly

The rain and wind made the chimes sound so pretty

the little pond

The high wind blew things over around the little pond. Plants are done blooming. Black Eyed Susans have gone to seed.

Inside things were cozy.
The big pond, below, weathers storms with grace.
It is pretty deep and the fish can seek refuge in the depths. It's plants are rooted deeply as well and keep the water fresh and clean.

The big pond

Oct 19, 2016

Salmon Patties for Lunch

elicious is a good word to describe  salmon patties.

I'd like to share my recipe for them with you.

I use a lowered sodium canned salmon but you can use a cooked fresh salmon if you like.
I don't use measurements really but eyeball everything and so I hope that is alright with you and that you can make these yourself with my ingredients.

You will need 1 can of salmon...16 oz size
about 1/4 cup of Panko bread crumbs or any other bread crumbs that you like.
1 beaten egg
mayonnaise and brown or Dijon mustard enough to flavor and help hold the mixture together.
chopped onion and celery
a few shakes of Crystal Louisiana hot sauce
  dried dill weed,  coarse ground pepper to taste.
a sprinkling of white balsamic vinegar for more flavor.. not too much. You don't want the ingredients soupy.
Crumble the salmon and add the rest of the ingredients in amounts to suit your taste.  It's just like making a meatloaf. The results should stick together nicely in patty shape.
You want it to hold together and not fall apart too much when fried in the pan.
If things are too dry you can add more egg or mayo or mustard to the mix.
You can see mine fell apart a bit, but, they were absolutely delicious anyway!
Form them into patty shape and fry until golden brown on both sides in some olive oil.
Lemon wedges, Cranberry-horseradish sauce or mayo mixed with brown mustard are all tasty toppings for these patties.  I personally use a mixture of mayo-brown mustard.
I served these up for lunch with greens sprinkled with Parmesan/Romano cheese and  a light drizzle of Raspberry vinaigrette.
You can serve potatoes with it but   this was enough for me.
The recipe made 6 hamburger sized  patties.
If you make them let us know how it went.

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Oct 18, 2016

Literary Pearls:
Emma by Jane Austen

Chapter 10

One morning, about ten days after Mrs. Churchill's decease, Emma was called downstairs to Mr. Weston, who "could not stay five minutes, and wanted particularly to speak with her."-- He met her at the parlour-door, and hardly asking her how she did, in the natural key of his voice, sunk it immediately, to say, unheard by her father,

"Can you come to Randalls at any time this morning?--Do, if it be possible. Mrs. Weston wants to see you. She must see you."

"Is she unwell?"

"No, no, not at all--only a little agitated. She would have ordered the carriage, and come to you, but she must see you alone, and that you know--(nodding towards her father)--Humph!--Can you come?"

"Certainly. This moment, if you please. It is impossible to refuse what you ask in such a way. But what can be the matter?-- Is she really not ill?"

"Depend upon me--but ask no more questions. You will know it all in time. The most unaccountable business! But hush, hush!"

To guess what all this meant, was impossible even for Emma. Something really important seemed announced by his looks; but, as her friend was well, she endeavoured not to be uneasy, and settling it with her father, that she would take her walk now, she and Mr. Weston were soon out of the house together and on their way at a quick pace for Randalls.

"Now,"--said Emma, when they were fairly beyond the sweep gates,-- "now Mr. Weston, do let me know what has happened."

"No, no,"--he gravely replied.--"Don't ask me. I promised my wife to leave it all to her. She will break it to you better than I can. Do not be impatient, Emma; it will all come out too soon."

"Break it to me," cried Emma, standing still with terror.-- "Good God!--Mr. Weston, tell me at once.--Something has happened in Brunswick Square. I know it has. Tell me, I charge you tell me this moment what it is."

~excerpt from Emma by
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