January 4, 2008

Baby! It's Cold Outside!

It is 5°F outside. Now that's cold! I woke up early today just because my neck was bothering me in bed and I just couldn't get back to sleep. I will need a nap today for sure as I am working on only a bit of sleep. Since I could not get back to sleep and since it was so chilly in the house, I decided to step outside to see how things were and brr is it ever cold out today. I took this photo of the pond . I took one yesterday and will post them both so you can see how quickly the ice formed since late yesterday afternoon.

You can see how crystal clear the water is..those fish are 3 to 4 feet down.

In photo 2 you can see one of the fish under the ice to the upper right

same on the last photo. Follow the orange!!

Anyway, you can see how cold it got in the night. Front pond has no ice as the heater is in it this year. If this weather keeps up I will get a heater in this one also. They are not expensive at all and cheap to run as well. The one I got last year keeps the entire pond ice free and the fish happy as clams. If a clam is happier than a fish that is and I never asked.

But the sky is clear and bright vivid blue, the sun is shining and hopefully the temps will increase through the day. Wherever you are I hope you are warm, dry, safe and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Cool pics! Literally! :]

    It was single digits here for most of the week. I thawed out today when the temps hit the 50's. It's supposed to be in the upper 60's tomorrow. I can't wait! And the cats can't either! :]

  2. that last shot is really beautiful but at least you have some sunlight to balance out the chill

  3. Those are great photos of you pond with the ice! Glad the fish are able to keep warm enough with a heater. I have a friend in Canada who brings them into an aquarium during the winter. I have a really neat photo of koi that I took when we were in Kauai. If I could link it up here I would. Maybe I'll see if I can find it...

  4. It's here:

    Day Two

  5. You should get another dog, a nice white puppy like this one:


    to stay warm when it gets so cold!

    She can keep your fish warm too!


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