April 13, 2008

Green and Violet Eyes

Eyes of Violet/Blue Green

In creating a dreamy effect and cropping a photo of a dear sweety in my life. I had to do extreme closeups and I was stunned by the beautiful colors that went into making up her gorgeous green eyes.

Here is the eye as it appears without a close up.. I brought up the purple because there is purple or violet around the eye. But this small photo doesnt really show that. I wanted to show how the eye appears without being close .
Now below is a closeup of the same eye and samples of the colors found in the iris . It is incredible what goes into making the colors of the human eye.
Using an eyedropper feature in Photoshop I am able to determine the exact colors.
Nothing is retouched in these photographs. Now I understand why Elizabeth Taylor had "violet eyes" The violet was just more pronounced in her eyes.
Eyes change in various lights. So the eye featured here can appear green, dark blue and violet depending on the light.
Here you can see the 3 colors that make up the colors in this eye. There is a bit of red also but, its very small.


  1. it's really interesting to see what goes into the color combinations of the eye


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