April 24, 2008

Spring Time by the Bay

Mountain Pinks in bloom .They are also known as Creeping Phlox.

I have then in pink, white , deep pink/red and varigated.

My grandfather grew them on a hill behind his home in Pennsylvania so that they covered the entire hill.

Fish are in motion yet again after winter hibernation and very hungry! look out bugs!

Mr Froggy, my co-blogger wanted to have his photo taken.

He does write half my posts and I think most who read the blog have guessed this to be true.

Last year Mr and Mrs Froggy gave birth to thousands of pollywogs. I had no camera at that time but if they succeed again this year I will take a photo for you.

He is calling for a mate nightly now with his "glunk, glunk" sounds so it shouldn't be long as he is quite a catch for any young froggy lady.

This photo shows how handsome he really is.


  1. very nice to see, but how does he ever manage to hold a pen?

  2. He's adorable!!! So like do you keep one of those plastic covers over the keyboard so it doesn't get wet when he types?


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