July 11, 2008

Jane Eyre.. I Found it after All this Time.

No movie ever touched my heart and soul like the 1970 version of Jane Eyre with Suzanna York and George C. Scott.
I do not know when I saw it , it was some time ago, but it was on television in a replaying of it at a later date.
The theme song was one of the things I have kept in my heart for a long time because its haunting melody speaks of finally finding true love after a long and arduous journey in life.
Finding parts of the movie on Youtube then, made me very happy.. bittersweet happy..because it was first seen in times when such reunions and 'findings' might have still been within reach.
This video is just music.. not visual really. It is the hauntingly beautiful theme written by John Williams for "Jane Eyre".
Maybe you will also enjoy hearing it.

And Here:

Jane Eyre is the story of an orphan who finds love with an older man already married , though secretly, to another who is mad. Chained by obligation to a woman long insane, he longs for true love and has become embittered by the lack of it, until Jane, the governess, comes into his life. Jane thinks he is a widower as that is exactly how he feels and in effect, really is. When news of a wife reaches her she leaves to find a new life apart from Edward but never ceases to love him.
As Mr. Rochester says, "I knew you would do me good , Jane, I always knew it".
This second video is after Jane returns. She returns because she has an intuitive feeling that Mr Rochester needs her and indeed he does.

The movie is on youtube in several versions and you might enjoy seeing the entire story.


  1. aaahhh! mine is the 1983 version with Timothy Dalton...mainly because he's handsome. :]

  2. yup he is.
    I loved this version because it was just people and I always thought Jane Eyre was true to life in so many ways.

  3. I've been searching for this version for a long time! I have the vinyl lp soundtrack recording and I just love the music! I loved this version, as well as the newer one with Timothy Dalton as Mr. Rochester. "Jane Eyre" is one of my most-loved novels - I read it often. Thanks so much for the video clips - it was wonderful hearing the music again, as my old lp player died and I've not been able to listen to the recording.

  4. Glad you can have it now Kathy.
    It is such a lovely music score.

  5. If you want love in your life, don't give up. Reunions and 'findings' are always out there. You never know what's just around the corner.

    For years I have missed sharing long and intimate conversations with someone who was very similar to you in many ways, though they were from Brooklyn.

    If a schlub like me still hopes that one day they may find love, someone who is attractive and talented should not be willing to give up hope!

    1. I can't believe I didn't answer this comment and now it is 7 year later.
      I hope that findings are out there for all those who want to be loved.
      Thanks for being kind. :)


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