September 25, 2008

Shopping and Nor'Easter Season

We are in the midst of a Nor'Easter and the waves are a nice tall 21 feet as they hit the beach so it will be quite a night to say the least. It is that time of year for them and hurricanes.
We are due for another storm, Kyle, back to back with this one tomorrow. It might rain clear through the weekend.

If I venture outside tomorrow I will try to take some photos of the water. 'IF' is the operative word because the wind is quite bad.

I went shopping for some groceries tonight and got caught in the rain and wind which I didn't mind too much since it was so nice and autumny. I thought it was a good night to go because of the storm, so less people shopping and the major rain had not really hit yet. Boy was I wrong.

But I forgot that the grocery store puts out new things on Thursday night and blocks off the shelves. I could not get a lot of things I needed. Also, I got hit by a by pushing a roll around cart stacked with boxes. So I will have to go back and get what I missed.

Plans hardly ever go as you think they will.


  1. Hello Annie, oh I remember Nor'Easters, they aren't nice. I wanted to let you know that I posted 20 things to love about autumn. It was a great idea, thanks. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Annie! That sounds like some huge surf! Don't go risking life and limb for a blog photo! LOL! That sounds like me! Enjoy the weekend and stay cozy inside if you can. (((Hugz)))


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