January 25, 2009

Atlantic Sunrise

Sunrise at the Atlantic Ocean .
What a pretty sight it is .
Sometimes at night you can see a moonpath when the moon is full but at sunrise you can see the Sunpath that leads out to sea.
It is a magical view.
When I was small I used to imagine that I could walk on that path all the way to Europe!
Kids have the best imaginations I think.
Early in the morning when everyone is still asleep and the mist is still in the air the sun rises in pink glory and sends it's path twinkling out along the waves to the shore. It undulates and grows in intensity as the sun nears the horizon then begins to fade as the sun gets higher in the sky.


  1. Hi Annie! Re your previous post, Jeff never dreamed about, as a lot of little boys, being a fireman as a child but decided later in life and now he can't imagine doing anything else in this world. He loves it that much!

    That does look like a pathway... like the yellow brick road! I love to see the sun on the ocean- the way it makes it sparkle.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  2. Beautiful photo. Gosh, I love the ocean.

  3. I count on your photos to let me see things I have never had the opportunity to see...thank you

  4. What a beautiful picture and a beautiful post. I love the water and love walking along the shore.

  5. You are a wonderful guide to the beauty around us...real and imagined (fairy post) ! Thank you for sharing your favorite things and allowing us to make them our own ! Have a brilliant day !


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