February 3, 2009

Snow and More Snow

I have not posted because I have been feeling pretty yukky with fibromyalgia for a few days. I am on the upswing now, though and hope it continues. It's difficult to live with.

It has been snowing since this morning and I took a few photos of the snowy landscape.

These are the pine barrens that stretch out around the bay. Snow is falling steadily but does not show in the photo too well.

But the woods are thick and deep .I toss out veggie scraps for the animals. We have deer, raccoon, otter, rabbits, bob cats, bear, ground hogs , chipmunks etc.
This morning I heard a woodpecker.. don't they go south for the winter? Their banging on trees is pretty distinctive but I could be wrong I guess.

Waterside reeds and grasses are covered in wet snow early this afternoon

The children statues by the water in front are cuddled up together keeping warm.

Cedars and pines and swamp maples covered in snow.
Frosty branches.

Snow falling on the ocean.
Maybe the black is a bit much but its fun to play with lens renderings.
If you click on the photos they are enlarged and maybe this might look somewhat better that way.
The big pond by night . You can see the flakes are still falling down tonight.

I love how the snow is sparkling on the back stairs.

Today was Sandy's dog Ben's big chemo treatment. Have them in thoughts all day today and hope you will add your prayers for them too.

Have a good evening.


  1. Hi Annie! Do you know Connie? She's a big bird lover and lives in NY state (when she's not in Maine) so you really should meet her. She's a retired HS English teacher and principal. She's in my reads list or you can usually find her on my tagboard. If you haven't met, tell her I sent you. ;) Your pix are great! (((Hugz)))

  2. As much as I hate cold snowy days, the pictures were beautiful. The Majesty of Nature!

  3. Your photos elevate the mundane to the divine ! A good eye for beauty ! So sorry you're not feeling well...this stormy weather and its changes are no fun for fibro sufferers . My prayers are with you , dear ! Have a great day !


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