March 20, 2009

End of the Week

The snow is gone and spring is in the air and for the past two weeks a dove has been cooing softly by the side of the pond. Both of the ponds, one large, one small are a gathering place for all sorts of birds and animals .This one is watering hole to Mr. Beaver, our groundhog so named by Miss Beauty Girl upon coming home from school one day to find said groundhog with both hands full of Ziti he had stolen from the garbage. He screamed with a mouthful of the stuff, she screamed , and they ran into their respective homes. She told me about the "beaver" in the yard eating Ziti and I am sure he told his family the same story.

We ended up taking the remainder of the ziti and putting it by his door in a disposable container. A bit later we watched from the back door as a small hand dragged the container into his den.

The smaller more shallow pond, only 18 inches deep while the large one goes to 4 feet deep, is watering hole for chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits. Birds stand on the lily pads of both to take baths and drinks and when the large pond had a "beach" it was a draw for much larger animals. So the beach went bye bye.

[And the Air Force does a fly by. Wow... Sometimes you guys!!! My house just shook a bit . I am close to Army, Navy and Air Force bases to the west of me as well as the Coast Guard and well they get out of hand every now and again. Last year they straffed a school with live ammo on a Saturday thankfully, but still. We joke now that the kids need anti aircraft weaponry. Sometimes my house shakes like crazy from the ordinance and its not that close either. It shows how powerful it is.]

I hope your weekend is peaceful and restful and full of good things.


  1. Hi Annie! Your pond sounds like a magical little place. Funny about the ziti lovers. :) When I was growing up on the west side of LA, we lived right by Hughes Aircraft so I know all about the rumbling and shaking as it's landing strip was 2 blocks away! Hope you have a wonderful 1st weekend of spring! (((Hugz)))

  2. That pond photo is amazing tranquil and serene ! The scene with Mr.Beaver should come as no surprise - your reputation as a great cook has obviously spread far and wide !!! Have a great day !

  3. A ziti eating beaver, adorable:)

  4. He's definitely Italian.

  5. Hi Annie! When our kids were little everyone thought Justin looked like his dad and Jessica just like me. Now more people are saying Justin looks like me, too. I have photos of me as a baby where I look so much like Ryan! His dad had hoped he would have his blue eyes- well, we all did but those darn dominant brown genes! ;) (((Hugz)))

  6. Hi Anni, the story reminds me of Et with the smarties.....I agree with DaryLynn, he's got to be Italian ....had a good chuckle.

    Hugs Annabelle

  7. LOL Maybe the ziti reminds him of mini tulip poplars. Let's see and the sauce? hmm...still working on that one. :)


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