May 8, 2009


More Rain!

Today there were huge thunder and lightning storms and it poured like crazy. After babysitting, I did the best thing I could do under the circumstances... I took a nap!

I just slept out the storm for an hour or so, but I was just so sleepy today I had a lot of trouble keeping my eyes open.

I don't like to keep anything electrical on when it storms. After I babysat I walked home in the rain with my huge umbrella praying all the way that lightning didn't strike and that the rain would be light. Just as I got inside the biggest clap of thunder and lightning hit and the sky opened up and it just dumped buckets til the road was under water. That isn't unusual here because we have so many streams of water flowing to the bay that it doesnt take much to overwhelm them. Just in half a block there are 5 little creeks all meandering around. They end up in the roadway flowing quickly to the east .

This is my lovely apple tree in bloom. The bush on the right is rhododenrun and it will be blooming soon too. The rain is kind of ruining the enjoyment of the flowers of spring since it is always too rainy to be outside. But we can always use some rain.

I hope that it is a lovely weekend for everyone especially those who celebrate Mother's Day.


  1. So glad you got in the house before the downpour! Enjoy your weekend and thank you for a week of beautiful pictures and interesting thoughts.

  2. Hello Annie,
    So sorry the egrets have some of your fish for a snack. That would greatly upset me too, i've also heard racoons love to try there luck at fishing. I would have to have some type of netting over the water to protect them because of this, otherwise i couldn't take someone taking my fish. Or how about a scare crow? :lol: Wouldn't that look just lovely in your yard? j/k I thought you were giving them away, and if so i hope they live where birds or racoons can't get to them if that is even possible.
    The flower blossoms are beautiful, and the purple one looks like a lilac. Although it is probably too early for them.
    Yes we had our share of rain, thunderstorms, hail, it was scary there for awhile. Although I've been through a lot worse. The heat is really starting to creep up here with the high humidity.
    The temp is already 90 with heat index of 96. It says the humidity is 52% haha and feels like 152% so they aren't fooling anyone.
    Have a great weekend


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