August 12, 2009

Frogs and Desk and Projects.. oh my

Thunder storms.

r. Froggy is courting.
I can hear his glung, glung every day and most of the night as he tries to attract the attention of several lady frogs in the pond. I love to hear him. It's so sweet. And so loud for a tiny guy!
I took this photo in the dark just minutes ago. He seemed happy to have his portrait taken too.
I detect a bit of a smile on that cute little face anyway.

Here is my old dresser cut out for a desk. I have to finish off the inside there and then decide on a color to paint it. I kind of like the idea of black. And I would get new handles for it too.
Not alot of work left on it. I did set up my computer but have yet to load up the drawers. I will try to add a keyboard drawer also as someone has one they said I could have if they can find it.
Though the desk top is narrow.. not quite 19 inches wide the giant 22 inch screen fits well and I have to have the screen close to my eyes anyway so it works nicely enough.

Do you think it would look nice in black? My little office is a very pale blue. Input please?

It "was" I want Wednesday.
The question of the day was:
What do you want to happen faster? Slower?

I want life to go slower.Much slower!
I would like to feel better faster when I am not feeling well!


  1. It might look good repainted white, only in more of an off-white, cream type of color. It looks like it would go well with your nice parkay flooring if it was a slightly darker, thicker white color.

  2. Hi Annie: I'll pass your good wishes along to Kiki today. Thank You1. Your desk will look great. I like it white! LOL Have a great day. HUGS

  3. Hi Annie! Black furniture is very popular right now. It would look nice with some brushed nickel handles. Your frog really is cute. We saw a preview for a new animated film coming out... forget what it was called... something like The Frog and the Princess. Anyway, maybe your frog is really a prince and is just waiting for a kiss! ;) (((Hugz)))

  4. Annie,
    I think it would look lovely in a cream white. If you paint it black I think scuff marks will show as well as the dust.If you are anything like me I hate dusting and this way it wouldn't show as much.
    Your frog is cute; did you see my banner I made with the Prince Frog and Princess; the banner is free for blog use if anyone is interested?
    Your desk looks wonderful, great renovation, I need to fix my studio space soon, since I’ve been motivated by the Nidlongdir ning group (Enchanted Fairy Realm )to take pics of my creative space.They are asking everyone to submit pics of their studio spaces were they create.

    Take a look and see if you are interested to join as well...hope you do.
    Take care,
    Hugs Annabelle

  5. I had to search for this link, I think you should paint it just like this:


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