August 26, 2009

Moving Day, I Think.

I am taking a break after moving all the furniture around. Well, more out of place than into place.
I unloaded the barrister book cases and moved one so far and the armoire with the television in it.
Everyone says I shouldn't do it by myself. Who else will then? The furniture fairy?
People are great with advice but not with help.
I get bored looking at the same four walls day in and day out and no where to go and so moving the furniture is a bit of newness for me. Also, the cottage is so tiny(just slightly over 1000 sq feet) and really has no wall space in the living room so it's very hard to place things and I keep getting what I hope are better ideas.
Well, they rarely are better ideas and so the move begins again.
So I remove the books while sitting down. Then I push a couple inches, stop,sit and rest, breathe and then begin again in a while til something is moved. Whew.

So that's my day today. Books are piled high everyplace I can fit them, sofa is sitting all wonky in the middle of the room, armoire is askew waiting for me to gather up the energy to plug it all in and move it against the wall, which, the way I feel now might be in 2090.

Hurricane Bill was not such a deal after all. It was way out at sea and we got hard rain and a bit of wind and noise but not much else. So, that was great.
Hope your day is going along in a spiffy manner !


  1. Shameful! If I were your neighbor and not just some anonymous person from the internet, I'd help.

    Now that I offered, so as not to be a hypocrite, if you really want me to help, I will.

  2. Hi Annie,
    Sorry you have to move furniture by yourself.
    Glad to hear the hurricane Bill wasn't such a big deal.

    Take care, ok?

  3. Hi Annie! Glad Bill turned away from the coast. You have hurricane season and we have fire season approaching. I think I'ved asked you before but do you know Toni? She's a New Yorker and she's always rearranging her furniture herself and then paying for it in aches and pains. You really should pay her a visit. You'd hit it off, I'm sure. :)


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