September 14, 2009

Flamingo Day

lovely clear blue skies today

It is interesting that every time archaeologists dig something up they label it a god. It is never just because the people were creative or liked odd art,etc. No, it's always a god.

I can imagine that in the future salt and pepper sets made in the shape of animals or people will be declared gods by someone who digs them up. More than that they will say that they dispensed incense or something.

Lawn gnomes and 1950s yard flamingoes will be the gods we worshipped as they write their long tomes about us.

"Look"they will declare, "these people worshipped the great Flamingo god at one point but then, suddenly and inexplicably his worship fell out of favor and they began worshipping a small funny little god in a pointed hat. His statues were worshipped in gardens and front lawns of homes until , just as quickly as the Flamingo god , he too was relegated to obscurity. What a fickle people they must have been! He seems to have been called Gnome and at one point was so important to their society that he actually was seen selling cheap airflights and hotel rooms on television! "

Here is the great Flamingo Religious holiday! Everything pink and spiffy for the honor of the great Flamingo god!
That might be their take on this photo , if it lasts long enough to be found that is.

"How did they ever lose site of these wonderful traditions? " they will lament.

"When did it fall into disfavor and the happy sound of Merry Flamingo Day become disparaged?" is what the text books of the future will say.

They will speculate on how things were done:
"People sent one another Merry Flamingo cards and decorated their dwellings with pink fairy lights and pink tulle, pink glitter and all things Flamingo pink!"the book will declare.

"Pink foods were eaten and special music played to honor the day of the Flamingo. No Flamingo was ever eaten because of it's sacred nature". See? You never saw roast Flamingo on a menu now did you? Ah ha! So the archaeologists of the future might be on to something. Perhaps people of the 50's did worship the Flamingo!

Actually, it would make a rather pretty holiday wouldn't it?


  1. Hi Annie! Plastic pink flamingoes were always a favorite gag gift in the firemen's Xmas party gift exchange games. My FIL's girlfriend is from Florida and I gave her some Flamingo Nick & Nora PJ's. :)

    The name I don't care for is Lucas... mainly because, as a teacher, I know what he'd hear on the playground... Lucas Mucas and/or Luke Puke! (((Hugz)))

  2. Hi Annie, thought I would check out some new blogs today and happened upon yours. I like the pink flamingo's they are sure cute! when we were in Florida back in the 90's they were everywhere. Now I have to go to the zoo to see then in Sacramento. I think they are kind of neat birds, very interesting and pretty. Have a great day!


  4. Yum. Have to try these anonymous

  5. Hi Annie: I love your entry on Pink Flamingos. Someone told me the factory that makes them have closed. I love your entries. Have a great day. HUGS

  6. Happy Wednesday Annie;

    You have started my day with a happy chuckle. :) I'm going to add Happy Flamingo Day and Traveling Gnome Day to my calendars. I must always be ready for these two great holidays. LOL!!

    Have a blessed day my friend. ~hugs~

  7. Good morning Annie thanks for stopping over to my blog enjoyed your visit. I will be back to read up on you later again. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Hi Annie sorry to hog your comments section with another comment but thank you for telling me about the pumpkin I am gonna try that on her for sure! I remember reading about that the pumpkin and she gets that in her food I buy for her but some extra on the top each day would be wonderful for them. It's a super food for humans! Hopefully one for them as well.

  9. and a Happy Flamingo Day to you , too ! I'll be booking with the Gnome's airline for my nexr flight to your area...can't wait ! You'll have to see a neighbor's front yard in the Summer...every lawn ornament known to man is proudly displayed there...a mind-boggling sight...surely the future archeologists will be dazzled ! More new holidays , to be sure !

  10. Jessica will come get you for wishing baby is born on my birthday since it's not until October 12th! :lol: Ryan was born on Oct 17th so we almost had it there. I think you must;ve seen Joan mention it was her birthday on the 22nd. :) When Jess is sleep-deprived she'll be wondering why she was in such a big hurry! :D (((Hugz)))


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