September 13, 2009

Moving Toward Autumn

quiet clear evening at the shore.

hat do people who live alone do to entertain themselves?
I live alone and have for a long time. I don't always like it and get lonely sometimes, but I do have things that I keep busy with and do for relaxation.

I don't watch much television at all. If I do it would be HGTV so I can get mad at the home buyers who run down the houses they look at or to pick up a few decorating hints.

I also like old movies but don't watch them much anymore.

I do enjoy playing bounceout online and I enjoy making a puzzle at one of several French sites.

In French a puzzle is called a casse-tete. Broken head. Well I guess that's as good a term for some puzzles as any!
Making them on a table is nice but difficult to keep all the pieces around and then the puzzle has to be stored after.

When I was married my then husband had to rebuild a carburator. It sat on the family room counter which separated it from the kitchen, for a long time. I got tired of seeing it sit there so I thought, well another puzzle and it couldnt be much harder than making a dress... "let me try it".
So I did and rebuilt the carburator. I was kind of proud of myself.

Making a puzzle online is nice since you don't have messy pieces that hang around and you can easily put it away.
Here is a nice place for making puzzles though it's in French. Not a problem for me, but I don't think its too hard for anyone to get whats going on. So I have linked it in case you might enjoy them too.

Today was a cool, clear, sunny day. Autumn in the air even if it's not officially here yet. But the light is different in Autumn than in Summer. It's less direct, more diagonal and lighter in a way. Certainly less intense and though we get some scorchers in the autumn right up through October sometimes, it is still not the same as Summer.

What do you do for fun and in your off times?


  1. I used to live alone. When I lived alone, I would watch a lot of movies, watch a specific TV show, and talk on the phone a lot with someone who I adored and adored sharing conversation with. It seems those things and my job at that time were my primary distractions.

    Unfortunately, I had to give most of that up due to a series of bad decisions that I made. As of now, I watch some movies, read articles online and in magazines, and drive my convertible sports car.

  2. Hi Annie: I love the photo of the dune grasses and sea. Your area is so lovely. Have a beautiful Autumn day. HUGS

  3. When the weather begins to get cooler , I like to cook . The oven gets fired up (not much used in Summer )and old favorites are prepared for friends - Apple Bread Pudding , Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies , to name a few , and the ever popular soups and stews . I enjoy crafts and reading , too , and long walks .


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