November 16, 2009

Yoo Hoo! Mrs. Bloom.....

lovely warm day.
Wind Speed: 15 knots
Wind Direction: N
Sea State: Choppy
Condition: Overhead
Ocean Temp: 56 F
Wave Height: 7 ft

We are having a heat wave. It is 61° out right now.

A new movie is coming to theatres. For those who remember Molly Goldberg, played by Gertrude Berg on television, it will be a walk down memory lane.
I remember as a child my mother standing at the foot of the stairs and calling up to wake me, "Yoo Hoo.. Mrs. Bloom!"
If I was annoying she would say, " Well, Pardon me Mrs.Bloom I had no idea I was talking to the Queen." It wasn't til much later that I found out why she called me Mrs. Bloom and where the Yoo Hoo came from.
Mrs Bloom was the neighbor. She called to Molly with Yoo Hoo, Mrs.Goldberg and Molly called to her with Yoo Hoo, Mrs Bloom!.
She had loved the program when she was younger. It shows how some things can remain an influence long after they are gone!

The radio show , The Goldbergs was broadcast from 1929 to 1946 , way before my time. In 1946 it became Me and Molly on broadway.

While the original television show aired in the 50's I became acquainted with Molly in the 1970's through a recording my mother had called "How to be a Jewish Mother". I loved the humor and played it over and over again.
Since then I have been able to watch The Goldbergs on youtube and on DVD's.

Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg Trailer from Aviva Kempner on Vimeo.

The program on radio, though amusing and down home, was not averse to talking about hard subjects such as Kristalnacht the night in Germany when 1000 Jewish synogogues and businesses were destroyed and 45,000 Jews were rounded up and put in camps. The term means Crystal Night and was so called because of the sheer enormity of glass in the streets.
Gertrude Berg not only was the star of the show, she wrote them too.

It seems like the film will only show in select theatres. I only see it in NYC on their list. Too bad, but I suspect the weekly shows are still way better and I will continue to try and find them to watch.


  1. Yoo Hoo Annie! Isn't it great you can find things like that on YouTube! I should search out Jeff's grandfather, Felix Mills. He was a composer and conductor in the Radio Days. Did a lot of stuff with Paul Whiteman, Benny Goodman, Burns & Allen and Disney. He retired when he was 40 years old and traveled and enjoyed life for the next 40 years! Enjoy the week ahead! (((Hugz)))

  2. Thanks for bringing a bit of the past back . I , too , remember the TV family also "yoo-hoo'd" !
    The closest the family got to show business were my great-grandmother and her sisters , who were extras for some of the Mack Sennet films...wild and crazy girls (who settled down to be wonderful wives and mothers ).Have a wonderful day !

  3. Hi Annie,
    I was born on 1950 so that was a little before my time but I remember hearing about it from my Granny who was from Back East, we grew up in LA and I don't remember that show on TV here at all. Thanks for the info. Being Jewish it is very interesting to me especially. Have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  4. Hi Annie, oops I mean Mrs. Bloom
    Oh I've never heard of Mrs. Goldberg and find her fascinating.
    It would have been wonderful to listen to the radio shows.
    Oh I remember the jar of Sanka lol
    That is so cute the way your Mother called you Mrs. Bloom and
    talking to the Queen, I loved that.
    Also how very sad all the Synogogues and businesses were destroyed. Just a shame people were put in camps among other dreadful, horrendous things. I've always loved the movie "Diary of Anne Frank" and it really opened my eyes.
    I hope the show comes here and so glad you are having such wonderful days, Mrs. Bloom ♥


  5. So nice to find your blog. I used to watch this show when I was a little girl with my Grandmother. I loved that show, and I loved her voice. Thanks for posting about this new movie, I will surely be on the look out for it.

  6. Hi Annie! Stopping by with a quick hello. Spent the day doing my Nani Duties. (((Hugz)))


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