December 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Post Updated at 1:00 AM

It is a winter wonderland here. We don't get a lot of snow since we are on the ocean.
Here is a map showing the Delmarva area.. as it's called.

But when the snow comes out of Philadelphia, and hits us, it hits hard. Philly. just to the west, and Delaware, west and south and Maryland are neighbors since we are a pennisula.
Delaware is just a quick ferry ride across the water.

It's been snowing all day long and there is a ton of snow still coming down tonight.
Everything is silent and cold outside.

Here are some photos taken tonight of the snow storm.

I have a smoker in the backyard which I use as a barbeque and you can see how deep it was by 6:30 tonight.

It will continue snowing overnight they say and on into tomorrow.

How's the weather by you? Hope you are safe and warm and enjoying life.

by 1:00 AM the snow has gotten much deeper.

The statue here by this pond is about
3 1/2 feet off the ground. Its almost covered.
The "twiggy" looking thing is a lilac bush that is about 6 and a half feet tall. You can see its half buried now.
It is still coming down hard.


  1. Rarely snows here, that's one positive of living in the South. Makes me dread returning to the North, and worry about what I'll do with my little sports car :(

  2. Hi Annie,
    Wow to your snow :)We had temps in the 70's here over the weekend but lots of snow in our local mountains. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday evening! I am off to the movies right now.
    Hugs, Dru

  3. Yooohoooo oh Annie are you okay up there? Are you knee deep in the white stuff, or should I say shoulder deep? Wow are you guys ever getting it! Unreal! Spectacular pictures! Hope your really okay and that you have lots of food in the house. I love how you posted the map. What a neat place to live, even with the snow mountain! I bet it is so beautiful despite it all.

    Oh the Bonnie & Clyde video is hilarious and wonderful! I loved it! Pray tell are you in it? Is that you in the white hat, oh is that you Bonnie???? I wish I had something like that of my Brother and I. We were just like that! Who took the video? Love the music in it! perfect.

    Love the new header!

    Keeping you in my thoughts ♥

  4. No, its not my film. I found it online and just fell in love with most of the persons films.
    They are all home movies and just wonderful. Most set to lovely music,etc.

  5. Happy Monday Annie;

    We were lucky here in my area of upstate New York. The blizzard stayed east of us (we were supposed to get 7-8 inches) and not even a dusting of the white stuff came down. All your photos look like my area when we do get snow. I love your new header and that little cottage in the snow. Is it a Thomas Kinkade painting?

    Have a lovely beginning of the week my friend. hugs

  6. Antonio Carlos Jobim?

    I prefer Sinatra's version, but whatever.

  7. Hi Annie! Oh, you are buried in snow! How nice for the holidays tho as long as you have plenty of provisions and don't have to get out in it. :) Thanks for posting the map... now I get it where you are and how close to the seashore you are... surrounded really by water on a peninsula. Have a great holiday week! (((Hugz)))


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