February 26, 2010

Its late and dark outside. The howling wind is sweeping over and around the cottage like an angry banshee looking for trouble and the snow is falling wildly. It is a Nor'Easter the northern version of a hurricane and the gale warnings are flapping in the gusts that get up to speeds of 70 miles per hour when the wind screams her loudest. The news says the storm is intensifing but I am praying it dwindles down to nothing.

Today there are blue skies and sun. What a difference a night can make.
Though more snow is promised later today, perhaps they are wrong. I hope so
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi Annie: I hope you're safe from the storm. I imagine it's scary on the ocean. This toilet guy fight has been going on for years. He may win! Drat. Have a safe and nice weekend. HUGS

  2. Glad all is calm today and that the temperatures are beginning to get warmer...Spring is coming...Yay !!
    Enjoy the beauty around you...thank you so much for sharing it with us !

  3. You like the movie You've Got Mail?

    It's a good movie, with lots of references to Jane Austen novels.

    Do you have a Joe Fox? How romantically intriguing!

  4. "Do you have a Joe Fox? How romantically intriguing"
    NO and NO

  5. Hi Annie, I hope old man winter has calmed down, the storm sure sounded intense.
    I love your Victorian rug, it's so pretty, I love anything Victorian.
    I used to live in southern Florida too, in Ft. Myers, and I was pickkng up a NY accent HAH! yes it's true, I would call my Mom up and ask her How many bagels she wanted? Seriously there were so many people there from NY, it wasn't funny. But then again, there sure are a lot here too. The people next door are from MASS and have a deep heavy accent. I always tell the girl that she sounds like Betty Boop, but I really do love the accents. Not a lot of southern accents here really.
    Must get to bed, I didn't realize how late it's got!
    your silly ;) friend, Sandy

  6. Happy Monday Annie;

    I would love to see the sun again. It's been quite awhile since it shone here. My area was badly hit with the nor'easter from Wednesday to Saturday.

    Hope today is a sunny and happy one for you my friend. Hugs

  7. Could you edit my comment to include the word "ewwww" after "romantically intriguing!"? It just seems so appropriate!

    I do think that if that movie were reality, Joe Fox would actually have turned out to be the kind of guy who lived in his parents basement, and sent pictures of much more handsome men out to women. Either that, or he'd be married.

  8. Hi Annie,
    I sure hope your weather is better by now? We had a little rain last night but it is suppose to clear up this morning. Have a wonderful reat of the week :)
    Hugs, Dru

  9. Spring will be there soon!

  10. Hi Annie! Oh, they like going to the Playboy Mansion! :D When I was a UCLA student, they would have "recuiters" come and invite you to parties there. UCLA is within walking distance so I guess they thought it was handy source for young girls. This was in the 70's and women's lib was big so there was no way I would have ever gone! (((Hugz)))


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