March 9, 2010

Dressing for Oscar

Some of the outfits the men wore to the Oscars were a hoot. They looked like they were going to a square dance rather than the Oscars.
Robert Downey was wonderful in Sherlock Holmes but in this get up he looks doofey.

And what's with the new clunky platform shoes the ladies think are so nice? They might go with some things but not formal wear unless I am way behind the times.

This has to be one of the most unflattering photos from the Oscars. She must hate this photo.
Sometimes I think some of the magazines just choose the worst photos they can find.
It's really just not nice. It seems to be the most popular photo out there and just didn't need to be picked.

Tonight I will be getting LOST as usual. I have been watching since the program began and hope to see it through until the end!


  1. Hi Annie,
    It is funny when I saw RDJ on the Red Carpet he looked great but that photo you have of him does make is outfit a little odd lol I still think he is a cutie. I met him back in the 90's at a bar/resturant and he was a lot of fun and a really nice guy. That picture of Jennifer is a horrible picture. She looked much better when I saw her too on the Red Carpet! I really enjoyed the Oscars and was thrilled a woman finally won for Best Director and how fitting that Barbra Streisand gave it to her. That was all planned out! Hope you have a fabulous week ahead.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. ...seems a shame that becoming an actor brings such intense scrutiny .
    The clothes are outrageous - " When they're good , they're very,very good and when they're bad , they're horrid " !

  3. My three favs were:
    Demi Moore
    Penelope Cruz
    Cameron Diaz
    (4th runner up--Sandra Bulloch)


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